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There are updated articles with a few more little bits of information regarding the Father Robert MacKenzie extradition:

09 April 2019:  Updated articles  “Sask. priest to be extradited to Scotland to face sexual and physical assault charges” & related article

Also posted is information for the process for extradition  from Canada.

I am getting some information together on what has been happening with this extradition process over the past few months.  There is a publication ban, but that covers names of complainants and evidence and so on.  I will post what I can regarding court.


I was working at getting the the Helpline material posted.  This was prompted by the following article which for me brought to mind the the process:

07 April 2019:  St. Joseph’s Training School abuse: Why papal apology matters to survivor, 60 years later

So, I rounded up a lot of the information, both to re-post on The Inquiry, and to post here on Sylvia’s Site under “Settlements.”  There is a lot to do as far as explanation and organizing goes, but, it’s a start and it puts the information out there 🙁 .

I had thought Helpline this was the earliest example of Catholic-Church-related mediated and reconciliation settlements in Canada but noticed reference to one which preceded it in St. John’s.  I don’t recall that: will have to check.  For now:

Helpline ( Brothers of the Christian Schools in Alfred and Uxbridge Ontario)

Ben Hoffman and “Vision to Reconcile”


This is quite a surprise:

10 April 2010:  Full text of Benedict XVI: ‘The Church and the scandal of sexual abuse’

Pope emeritus Benedict XVI addressing the sex abuse scandal in the Church.  I must say I agree wholeheartedly with most of what he has to say.

Enough for now,


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