Which came first?

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Father Cecil Noronha had a court date in Espanola Ontario yesterday.  He was scheduled for a preliminary hearing.  I can find nothing in the media to confirm that that date proceeded.  Yes, there would be a publication ban on testimony and evidence, but if present the media could report that the hearing proceeded, and could report information regarding Noronha’s attire and general appearance, and could report on the number of people in the courtroom.

If anyone sees any coverage please post a link or let me know.

I did place a  call and learn that Father Noronha’s next court date is 14 June 2019, for a preliminary hearing.  This may well be a continuation of yesterday’s  preliminary hearing, or it could be that the hearing of yesterday was rescheduled to 14 June.  Whatever the case, his next court date is :

14 June 2019:  10 am, Preliminary Hearing,  Espanola Ontario courthouse (100 Tudhope St, 2nd Fl, Suite 3)

Please keep the complainant in your prayers.


Two articles regarding the class action lawsuit commenced by a victim of recently convicted Father Brian Boucher have been posted:

03 April 2019:  “Man abused by priest launches class action suit against Montreal Catholic archdiocese” & related article

According to media reports, the class action is ” seeking compensation for anyone who may have been sexually assaulted by a Montreal Catholic priest or a church staff member since 1940.”   News of the lawsuit comes on the heels of an announcement that retired Judge Anne-Marie Trahan has been retained by the archdiocese to conduct an audit of the archdiocese’ files , and will eventually be setting up a website where she can be contacted by victims.

Which, I wonder came first?  was it the plans by the archdiocese to retain the former judge and eventually set up a website?  or, was it plans to launch a class action lawsuit? or, did decisions to proceed transpire simultaneously?  I suppose we may never know, but I am curious.

Also posted is an article regarding another Quebec class action lawsuit, this from last October regarding a class action  lawsuit filed in Quebec against the Viatorians:

18 October 2018:  Judge OKs another class action lawsuit alleging sexual abuse by priests at Clercs de St-Viateur

The Viatorians, you may recall,  operated the now defunct and scandal-plagued Cornwall Classical College in Cornwall, Ontario.  After closure of the college in the late 60s some Viatorian priests continued to serve  in the then Diocese of Alexandria (now Alexandria-Cornwall) .

Can victims who were sexually abused by a Viatorian priest at the Cornwall Classical College in Cornwall, Ontario participate in a class action lawsuit in Quebec?  I don’t know, but for some reason don’t think so.  Does anyone know with certainty?

Please keep all the victims of the Viatorian priests in your prayers.

Enough for now,


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