McGrory trial date changed

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An update on the pending sex abuse trial of previously convicted Ottawa ex-priest Barry McGrory.

McGrory, who was finally and thankfully defrocked last year, was convicted in 1991 and given a suspended sentence and three years probation for sexually assaulting  a 17-year-old boy.  That conviction came a few years after 1986 when McGrory, a ‘popular’ local priest, suddenly disappeared from Ottawa, never to return (at least not as a priest).

The current charges relate to McGrory’s years in Ottawa.  One set of charges ( gross indecency and indecent assault ) were withdrawn last year after the complainant died of cancer.  I am uncertain how many charges remain, but believe that there are two complainants.

The original trial date of 10 April ’19 has, as you will see, been changed.  So, mark your calendars, here are the pending courtdates:

10 – 12  April 2019:  10 am, Pre-trial motions, Ottawa courthouse (161 Elgin St.)

06-10 May 2019 (and 21-22 May if needed):  TRIAL

I have no idea what the pre-trial motions are about.  There may be issues regarding entering of certain evidence, and or calling of certain witnesses?  It could be any number of things, but seems to me that three days is a lot of time for pre-trial motions?   Anyway,  three days it is.  I urge those who can do so to attend. (A reminder that there are metal detectors  at the Ottawa courthouse and all who wish to enter are screened.   Prohibited items include ” knives and objects with sharp edges or points, flammable items, firearms and ammunition, plus other items including tweezers, nail clippers and alcohol. ” Click here for a  more complete list of prohibited items. )

Please keep the complainants and victims in your prayers,

Enough for now,


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