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Some puzzling news regarding ex (?) priest Paul Pornbacher

Strange indeed.

Paul Pornbacher was/is an Italian-born priest who immigrated to Canada 1971.  Date of ordination unknown.  He served in the Diocese of Nelson, British Columbia. It seems he was molesting little boys shortly after his arrival in the Nelson Diocese.

In 1994 Pornbacher entered a GUILTY plea to sex abuse of three boys.

According to one media report, Pornbacher left the priesthood in 1978.  Indeed, the word back in the 90s was that Pornbacher left the priesthood in 1978 and entered into a common-law relationship.  (According to a 25 June 1994 article in the Vancouver Sun “‘Vile and disgusting’ sex abuse brings ex-priest 18-month term,” Sun), B.C. Supreme Court Justice Raymond Cooper “said Pornbacher ceased to be a priest in 1978 and soon after entered into a common-law relationship with a woman, who has stood by him”)

Now there is news  that between 1986 and 1987 Pornbacher served as Pastor at  Christ the King Roman Catholic Church, Oliver, British Columbia.  The following screen shot is from “A Brief History of Christ the King Parish [adapted from 2003 compilation by former parishioner Elizabeth Minns]”  Christ the King Parish, Oliver BC wesbite




So, did or did not Pornbacher leave the priesthood in 1978?

Whatever the case, Pornbacher was living with “Eva” in 1978, and had been living with her prior to 1978, and despite reports that he left the priesthood he still, as we see above, served as priest for at least that one year in the mid ’80s ,   and, believe it or not,   continues to live with Eva to this day!   Of interest too is the fact that when Eva first appeared on the scene Pornbacher claimed that she was his niece from Poland who was studying to be a nun!

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