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Please take a few moments to read the extracts from the interview of Archbishop Adam Exner in relation to Rosemary Anderson’s  sex abuse allegations against  Father Lindo Molon and her lawsuit against the Diocese of Kamloops British Columbia.

Archbishop Exner Interview by on Scribd

I am unable to find a way to capture and post these pages so must rely on the Scribd link; that means that if that link goes dead then the pages are gone here too.  However, here they are for now.

Please read it.  It is disgusting.  Despite the fact that there were obliviously numerous “rumours” and reports regarding Father Molon’s predatory behaviour with female parishioners  the then Bishop Exner allowed this priest to continue serving the flock for months.  And then, Father Molon was simply recycled, eventually landing in the Kingston Archdiocese where he lives to this day.

Archbishop Exner referred to Molon as: a “playboy” ; a “freewheeler”; and  “promiscuous.” Exner said that Molon  was “taking advantage of quiet a few people” and that rumours began to circulate shortly after Father Molon’s arrival in the diocese.  The retired archbishop also said that when he asked Father Molon about the rumours Molon “shrugged his shoulders saying, I’m human.”

According to the archbishop Emeritus, Father Molon came close to leaving in the Spring of 1976 when “he was in rather serious trouble.”  But, Molon stayed on, and, yes, Exner allowed him to stay on.

Asked if he considered defrocking Molon Exner replied that he  :  “still wanted to leave the door open for possibility of rehabilitation.”   According to Exner, Molon was not cooperative.  To this day, Molon is still a priest.


And here are two articles covering the latest news on the lawsuit:

07 March 2019:  “Woman sues Roman Catholic Diocese of Kamloops, alleging sexual abuse” & relates article

Please keep Rosemary Anderson in your prayers as she battles he way through the legal system. (There was a court date today with her lawyer filing an application to seeking order to search offices of the Archdiocese of Kamloops.  Read through the Exner interview and you’ll see and understand why there are concerns regarding missing files.)

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2 Responses to Disgusting

  1. Dr. Sally Ball says:

    Priests coming from foreign countries need to have extensive background checks. A priest came to our Diocese from the Diocese of Sorsogon, in the Philippines. I read their website very carefully. They admit they are a troubled Diocese. The priest was suspended, investigated by the RCMP, and disappeared. Our Bishop gave no explanation. I wrote to Bishop Arturo Bastes, in Sorsogon, to ask him the current whereabouts of this priest. He did not reply to my repeated requests for information.

  2. Sylvia says:

    You’re absolutely right Sally. Priests coming to Canada from elsewhere need extensive background checks. And, in addition, we need assurance from our Canadian bishops that they will NOT accept a priest whose bishop has disclosed so much as a hint of misconduct.

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