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There is a bit of a windstorm raging outside.  I have lost track of the number of times we have lost power over the past 10 to 12 hours”  off and on, off and on.  On and on and on!.  And, of course, every time the power went, off went my computer, and invariably whatever had been accomplished as far as posting articles today.

So, in an effort to get some information posted I opted to do things a little differently.  I do want to post a number of the speeches which were given at the Vatican sex abuse summit, and my preference was to post them as word files.  That allows you to comment on each one individually.   That, however, was proving far too problematic, so, I decided to post them as pdf files.   They aren’t searchable.  That could have been done, but it would have hampered the process of getting the information up .  So,  with the exception of the Pppe’s comments which we posted yesterday, and the article re destruction of files, here is a  verbatim of several of the addresses  to the bishops in pdf format:

24 February 2019:  Pope Francis comments after closing Mass at Vatican Summit 

23 February 2019:  “Vatican abuse summit: Cardinal says files were destroyed” & related articles

23 February 2019:   Reinhard Cardinal Marx “Transparency as a Community of Believers”

21 February 2019:  Vatican Summit ” Introduction of His Holiness Pope Francis”

21 February 2019:  Vatican Summit H. E. Msgr Charles Jude Scicluna “The Protection of Minors: Taking Responsibility for Processing Cases of Sexual Abuse Crisis and For Prevention of Abuse

21 February 2019: Vatican Summit Reflection Points  (In his opening statement The Holy Father referred the Bishops to these)

21 February 2019:  Vatican Summit ” Introduction of His Holiness Pope Francis”

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