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Sylvia’s Site was down again for hours staring yesterday afternoon and through the nite.  Thankful it is now back up again.  I am guessing this is a continuation of the attack on the site which started last week but have not as yet heard from my webhost.

So, before the site went down I have a series of articles about the summit lined up to post.  I tried in vain throughout the evening.

I will be off to Mass this morning so all of that is on hold until later, but I did read this article this morning and decided that it would bump the line and get posted now:

23 February 2019:  Vatican sex abuse summit organizer unsure if accused priests still active

I quickly made a few commentds.

Enough for now,


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7 Responses to Bumping the line

  1. PJJ says:

    The depths that those who zealously try to protect that church will go is something else. Good on you Sylvia to keep moving forward!

  2. Sylvia says:

    It’s posted now, as is article re violation of publication ban by a number of journalists:

    26 February 2019: George Pell: Cardinal found guilty of sexual offences in Australia” & related article

    26 February 2019: George Pell: Cardinal found guilty of sexual offences in Australia” & related article

    As could be anticipated, his “Rolls Royce” of a lawyer is appealing. I wold venture to guess that at least part of grounds for appeal will be a claim that Pell was denied a right to a fair trial because of coverage in the media.

    I am no fan of publication bans, but neither am I a fan of risking the potential – no matter how remote – of a clerical sexual predator being allowed to ‘walk’ on a technicality, specifically that of violation of a publication ban.

  3. Sylvia says:

    Two more articles posted which give a good backgrounder:

    25 February 2019:  “George Pell guilty of sexually abusing choirboys” & related article

    I am doubting now that the violation of the publication ban can be used in the appeal. This guilty verdict is from December. The second trial which was scheduled for this year has been, for reasons unknown at this time.

    The publication ban was to try to ensure that the jury pool on the second trial would not be contaminated. The ban was violated after the first trial wrapped up (the first actually in essence being two trials, one ending with a hung jury and then a guilty at retrial.)

    That’s good! What grounds Pell’s lawyer will appeal to remain to be seen.

    Please keep the victims in your prayers.

  4. Steubenville Survivors says:

    I read your blog all the time and am sorry that your site was attacked. They play dirty.

    I am archiving articles on the Vatican Summit and have quite a few. It is a Facebook page— Vatican Summit 2019 and it is under @Steubenville survivors.

    I am happy to share links with you. Thank you for your diligence.

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