Large festering boil lanced, again

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There are a series of articles posted.  In an effort to get on with several other articles which will require a bit of time I will group them as  follows, some with very limited comment:

(1)  Father Joannes Rivoire omi

The following article was published today by the CBC:

19 February 2019:  ‘That is so sick’: Sex charges in Canada against fugitive French priest stayed

Here is an admission that the charges against Rivoire were stayed when back in 2014 the Public Prosecution Service of Canada (PPSC) quietly determined that “there was no longer a reasonable prospect of conviction regarding the charges” and “continuing the prosecution was no longer in the public interest.”  Given the charges were stayed, there could no longer be a warrant, and hence no battle for extradition.

Not a boo about this.  Not a word.  Not one single word to let those poor souls know that those in the know had ever so quietly determined  that holding Rivoire accountable and making him answer for his crimes was “no longer in the public interest.”

I posted the following blog back in 2016:

29 August 2016:  BLOG Oblate fugitives and enablers

I believed Mario.

May Marios’ dear soul rest in peace.  Please pray for the repose of his soul, and please pray for those poor souls who trusted that police, the Oblates, the diocese, and the government would ensure that justice would be done and that no effort would be spared to have Rivoire answer to the serious allegations laid against him.

Please note that I have added some information to the timelines on the Father Joannes Rivoire page and that in the process I incorporated information from the Eric Dejeager timeline. 

(3)  Cardinal Theodore McCarrick

There are three article posted regaridn Cardinal Archbishop Theordore McCarick:

18 February 2019:  New book confirms Viganò‘s report that Pope Francis knew about McCarrick abuse

16 February 2019:  “McCarrick laicized by Pope Francis” & related articles

15 February 2019:  Analysis: As abuse summit looms, Farrell appointed and McCarrick case lingers

Lest we ever forget, Cardinal McCarrick was a special guest speaker at the CCCB’s annual plenary in 2006.

10 October 2006:  BLOG American Cardinal slated to address Canadian bishops engulfed in his own scandal

(Also speaking to the gathered bishops was then Apostolic Nuncio Luigi Ventura.  On the table for the bishops nearly 13 long years ago was – yet again –  the topic of sex abuse.)

(4)  Father Brian Boucher

Father Brian Boucher has been found guilty at trial on one set of charges, and entered a guilty plea to another set of charges:

08 January 2019:  “Montreal priest found guilty of sexual assault, sexual touching” & related articles

There will be sentencing hearing 25 March 2019.

Please keep the victims in your prayers.

(5)  Archbishop Luigi Ventura

The former Apostolic Nuncio to Canada (2001-2009)  now has two men alleging sexual assault at the hands of Archbishop Voigano:

18 February 2019:  “2nd complaint filed agst France nuncio” & related article

The second complainant alleges a similar attack on his person by Archbishop Luigi Ventura at the same event in 2018.

Note above that Archbishop Ventura also attended the CCCB 2006 Plenary at which McCarrick was a spekaer.  Whether or not Ventura was physically present when McCarick spoke I have no idea, but he definitely knew that, despite the talk and rumours swirling around the Cardinal, McCarrick was the bishops’ guest speaker .

Are there,  I wonder, any complainants in Canada

(6)  Bishop Eugene Larocque

Bishop Eugene Larocque has, as most of you know by now,  gone to meet his Maker:

18 December 2018:  “Death of The Most Reverend Eugène Philippe LaRocque Bishop Emeritus of Alexandria-Cornwall” & related articles

Pray for all of those who suffered at the hands of and/or because of this man.

(7)  Cardinal Francis Spellman

Ah yes, the New York Diocese saying it has never had a “substantiated” allegation against Cardinal Spellman:

11 February 2019:  NY archdiocese responds to Cardinal Spellman groping allegation

Perhaps the operative word here is “substantiated.”    Reports, yes, but reports substantiated by the archdiocese, no?  Is that it?


Our grandson is, as I tell those who ask, “holding his own.”  It will be some months before he can be considered to in the clear.  But, your many many prayers have been answered to date, and he is at home and looking very healthy.  Please keep the prayers going.


I have more information to post regarding Basilian molester Father Hanna.  I will also be adding the name of another Basilian.  So, lots to do.  I will post it as it gets done.


So much happening.  It’s like that large painful  festering boil has been lanced, again.

Enough for now,


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5 Responses to Large festering boil lanced, again

  1. PJJ says:

    The festering boil just took another lancing but this time by a nun speaking in front of the pope and bishops…here’s the link to the article.
    She also describes how disgusted she was after watching “Spotlight”, the movie about the Boston cover up. So when will this boil actually break and rid itself of ALL the infectious collars?

  2. PJJ says:

    And here’s another which really shows how far the church has gone to cover up abuses…
    “In a remarkable admission, German Cardinal Reinhard Marx said Saturday that documents that could have contained proof of clergy sexual abuse in the Catholic Church were destroyed or never drawn up.
    “Files that could have documented the terrible deeds and named those responsible were destroyed or not even created,” said Marx, the archbishop of Munich and president of the German Bishops’ Conference.
    “The stipulated procedures and processes for the prosecution offenses were deliberately not complied with,” he added, “but instead canceled and overridden.”

  3. Mike Fitzgerald says:

    Convenient, huh PJ? “Watergate” in the catholic church. Mike.

  4. Mike Fitzgerald says:

    “Cancelled and overridden” by whom? The devil? The boogie man?

    A thought occurred to me while watching Cupich and Marx sitting at the table with the pope, all the while smirking like the proverbial cats that just ate the canary – nothing is changing. I wish this were not the case, but alas it appears so. I am not getting any feelings of remorse or contrition, or of a need for “concrete change”. What I am seeing is a room full of “Trickie-Dickie” Nixons waving the “V” for victory sign, all the while saying and repeating “I’m not a crook – I’m not a crook – I’m not a crook”!
    Destroying, or indeed not even creating documents that chronicle criminal deeds is complicity at its worst. Let’s face reality here, the man who just reported this could actually be the next pope! I do not feel warm and fuzzy all over.
    I am angry and discouraged that the organization that I spent so many years in, and indeed the organization that abused me sexually and emotionally has stooped THIS low.
    All they have to do is practise what they preach – that will correct everything! Stop all the philosophical piffle and gooble-de-gook, knock off the hypocrisy and double-standards, and practise what your lord taught. Mike.

    • PJJ says:

      Mike, I too feel frankie and gang are just using words to placate the public. If they actually purged themselves of pervert collars and their protectors, there would be very few clergy left to manage an already decimated church. Your tricky dicky comment made me laugh as well. The disappearing abuse files or lack of them are painfully true as many of us suspected for many years. I really don’t think frankie will do anything other than repeat his hollow words. When I was young, the pope and clergy’s words were like gospel to me…then came 1968!

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