Sylvia’s Site under violent attack

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You have probably been having difficulty accessing Sylvia’s Site over the past 24 hours or so.  That, it turns out, is because the site has been under what my webhost describes as a “violent” attack.   Things seem to under control now, but there may still be a need to shut the site the site down completely for a few hours.   Let’s pray and cross fingers it doesn’t come to that, but, if that’s what is required to secure the site it must be done.

I am getting a few thing posted.  It’s been a bit of a hit and miss with the site going up and down, and it’s doing strange things when I try to post, but I am  able to make a little progress 🙂

I just now posted a few articles related to Father Brian Boucher’s conviction and guilty plea:

08 January 2019:  “Montreal priest found guilty of sexual assault, sexual touching” & related articles

Note that the articles are from both the 08  January verdict and the 21 January 2019 guilty plea.

Father Boucher has a sentencing hearing scheduled for 25 March 2019.

Please keep the victims in your prayers.  It is thanks to their courage in going to police and in testifying that we now know that Father Boucher is a sexual molester.

He, along with every other priest of his ilk, should and must be defrocked/laicized.

Enough for now,




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3 Responses to Sylvia’s Site under violent attack

  1. Hopalong Cassidy says:

    13Mar19…..Keep up the good work. These paedophiles should be stood in the docket for all to see the evil of their ways. With proper justice, they should be jailed for years and in some cases the keys thrown away.

  2. Sue Deuce says:

    I grew up knowing all these priests , my uncle was a Christian Brother brother went to Vancouver College…I think Im glad I have no childhood memories just bad dreams ..there are way more victims they just black it out

  3. MS says:

    We can all guess who is behind this attack on your site, Sylvia. They are not above the law of the land or God’s moral law. What is concealed will be revealed. By attacking truth, they mistakenly think this exposure will go away and the boil will heal over, but sunlight is the best disinfectant. Keep the spotlight on this. I would guess the political arm of LGBQT2 and the Pedophilia Association is behind this.

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