Why did the Basilians conceal the truth about Father Jack Hanna’s “misconduct”?

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Father Jack Hanna csb, a Basilian priest who has been freely roaming about Toronto Ontario (Canad)a for several years, was the subject of credible allegations of sex abuse of a minor.  Father Hanna, who taught at St. Thomas High School in Houston Texas from 1981 until his removal in 2013 for “misconduct, was ordained as a Basilian priest in  1974. (Also ordained as a Basilian in 1974  was convicted serial molester Father Leo Campbell csb)

In a 31 January 2019 letter signed by the Cardinal Archbishop of Galveston-Houston, Daniel DiNardo), the faithful were advised of the  the publication of the names of 42 priests “credibly accused of sexual abuse or misconduct with minors since 1950…” (emphasis added) in the archdiocese:

31 January 2019:  Cardinal Archbishop Daniel DiNardo letter re publication of list of priest “credibly accused of sexual abuse or misconduct with minors” Archdiocese Galveston Houston

According to the disclosure of names,  accessed via the archdiocesan website,    the  names included are those of priests “about whom the Archdiocese has received credible allegations of sexual abuse of a minor which occurred within the geographic boundaries of the Archdiocese.”  (emphasis added)

And, yes, included in the names – under the title “Religious Order Priest”-  is that of Father Jack Hanna csb:

What is of particular interest and concern regarding this particular Basilian scandal and revelation is the fact that, when the scandal finally saw the light of day,  neither the archdiocese nor  the then Basilian President and Principal of St. Thomas School in Houston informed the school  alumni that the allegations of “misconduct”  against Hanna involved an minor.  To the contrary.  Note the following two emails, one signed by then President, Father Kevin Storey csb (then President) and the other signed by Father Storey and the then Principal of the school, Father Patrick Fulton, both maintain that the allegation involves an adult.

(1)  Email from Father Kevin Storey csb, then President of St. Thomas School in Houston Texas, to school Alumni:

February 11, 2013

Dear Alumni,
This weekend, the Basilian Fathers were contacted by the Archdiocese of Galveston-Houston and informed that there is an allegation of misconduct against Fr. Jack Hanna, C.S.B.. The allegation involves an adult who is neither a student nor an employee at St. Thomas High School. At the direction of the Superior-General of the Basilian Fathers, while this matter is under investigation, Fr. Hanna will not be engaged in teaching or any priestly ministry. Please keep the St. Thomas community in your prayers during this time,

Yours in Christ,
Fr. Kevin Storey, C.S.B

(2) Email from Basilian Fathers Kevin Storey and Patrick Fulton to St. Thomas School Alumni (Father Kevin Storey was President and Father Fulton was Principal):

From: St. Thomas High School [mailto:alumni@sths.org]
Sent: Friday, March 08, 2013 7:58 AM
Subject: Important Message from Frs. Storey and Fulton

Dear Alumni,

Approximately three weeks ago, you were informed that an allegation of misconduct was made by an adult against Father Jack Hanna. Immediately upon receipt of the allegation, Father Hanna agreed to undergo an assessment at a therapeutic center for priests. He has acknowledged that he behaved inappropriately and will be receiving extensive residential treatment at the facility. He has expressed deep regret for any harm caused by his behavior and believes it is best that he
resign his position at St. Thomas High School so that he may focus on his treatment.

We wish to express our sincere appreciation to you for your concern for Father Hanna and ask you to please keep him in your prayers during this difficult time.

Yours in Christ,

Fr. Kevin Storey, C.S.B.
Fr. Patrick Fulton, C.S.B.

Aside misleading the masses, to my knowledge the alumni was never informed that the Archdiocese of Galveston-Houston had at the time removed Father Hanna’s faculties and therefore he could no longer ‘say’ Mass or her confessions.   When exactly in 2013 the archdiocese revoked Hanna’s faculties is unknown, but, for whatever reason, it seems the Basilians opted not share that information  with the alumni – or parents.

The Basilians, however, did see fit to, as I like to say, ‘recycle,’ Father Hanna to Toronto, Ontario.

It is unknown if Father Hanna currently has  faculties to offer up the Holy Sacrifice of the Mass and hear confessions within the Archdiocese of Toronto.   Unfortunately it is highly possible that he has.  (If anyone can provide information in this regard please contact me)

What is known with certainty is that his Basilian confreres have seen fit to allow this  sexual predator to serve as their Secretary/Treasurer.

  Father Jack Hanna is Secretary/Treasurer General of the Congregation of St. Basil Leadership

Looking after Basilian finances and recording meetings aside, what access does Father Hanna have to  minors?

If we are to believe the Basilians at St. Thomas, -none!   Indeed, according to a 01 February 2019 KHOU 11 news report ,  in 2013 Father Hana was removed from any involvement with minors (“Fr. Hanna had his faculties removed by the Archdiocese in 2013 and the Basilian Fathers removed Fr. Hanna from active ministry and from any involvement with minors since 2013.“)

Aside the obvious query as to how the Basilians can ensure that that minors in the city of Toronto are being protected 24/7 from this predator, why not a word to Alumni  back in 2013 that Father Hanna was both removed “from active ministry” and “from any involvement with minors”?

Finally, why oh why is this man still a priest?

This is yet another sad reminder that the scandal plagued Basilians have not exactly covered themselves in glory over the past years.

And this, lest we forget,  on the heels of that terrible scandal which recently erupted at the once reputable St. Michael’s College School in Toronto:

22 November 2018:  “St. Michael’s College president, principal resign amid student sex-assault probe” & related articles

Please keep those who have suffered at the hands of Father Jack Hanna in your prayers.

Enough for now,


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4 Responses to Why did the Basilians conceal the truth about Father Jack Hanna’s “misconduct”?

  1. Donna Ruth says:

    Thanks, Sylvia,
    Inquiring minds want to know how this links to Fr. Rosica, as the headline indicates.

  2. Sylvia says:

    Help me Donna Ruth. don’t know how the headline links to Father Rosica?

    As an aside, I do know however that Father Rosica is, like Father Hanna, a Basilian. I also know that Father Rosica lives in Toronto, and that Father Hanna has lived in Toronto since shortly after word of his “misconduct” leaked out into the public domain. As a final aside, Father Rosica frequently serves as media spokesman for the Basilians on issues related to Basilian sexual predators He also was spokesman regarding the recent student sex scandal at Toronto’s St. Micheal’s College .

  3. Randall O’Connor says:

    I was living in Sugar Land, Texas 1987-1988. The Badilians were aware of his shenanigans. Oh, they knew!

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