Speaking of Bishop Fred Henry ….

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The page for Father Maurice O. Charbonneau (Father Moe) has been added. Father Moe Charbonneau, a priest with the Diocese of London Ontario ordained in 1994, was suspended after reports of several incidences of “inappropriate adult relationship” over several years.

The age and gender of the these “adults” is, at this time, unknown.

Note that according to the the following article Father Charbonneau  was scheduled to serve in the Diocese of Grand Falls Newfoundland for two years commencing January 2005:

  “West Ag Alumni Called to Serve”

Does anyone know if in fact Father Moe Charbonnau did spend time in Newfoundland in the mid 2000s?

Please all those keep those who have been betrayed by Father Father Charbonneau in your prayers.


The following information has been posted regarding Father Mark Buckley.

21 September 2017:    The Alberta Teachers Association Report of the Hearing Committee of the Professional Conduct Committee in the Matter of Charges of Unprofessional Conduct against Mark Patrick Buckley Sept 2018

October 2018:  Principal loses teaching certificate after keeping school like a ‘petting zoo,’ having sexual encounter in a classroom

30 August 2018:  Restaurant patio a Chipmunk 401

Read it all and weep.

If you don’t know the background, read :  Friends in High Places.

I wonder what would have happened had Bishop Fred Henry not given Buckley safe have in the Diocese of Calgary back in 1998?

And yes, I am trying yet again to find out if this man is still a Roman Catholic priest.

Please all those keep those who have been betrayed by Father Mark Buckley in your prayers.


Speaking of  Bishop Fred Henry and the Diocese of Calgary…

There is yet another name to add to the growing list.

Father Malcolm D’Souza.

Father D’Souza was ordained by Bishop Fred Henry for the Diocese of Calgary Alberta in 2002.

Yes.  2002.  Sixteen short years ago.

Anyway, I have been looking around to get together what information I can on a page.  I will continue and will get together a page o Father Malcolm D’Souza.    I will let you know as soon as the page is posted.  Until then,  here is some information regarding d’Souza.

Calgary priest removed from local parishes following allegations of sexual misconduct

Global News

28 October 2018

File: St. Mark's Parish in Calgary.

File: St. Mark’s Parish in Calgary.

Global News

A priest who has worked at Catholic parishes around southern Alberta has been put on administrative leave after allegations of sexual misconduct were brought forward to the Diocese of Calgary.

The Roman Catholic Diocese of Calgary made the announcement in an official statement released on Saturday.

The diocese said it received allegations of sexual misconduct involving two minors and several adults by Fr. Malcolm D’Souza. The incidents are alleged to have taken place at St. Mark’s Parish in Calgary between 2010 and 2016, according to the diocese’s statement.

The statement said diocese officials have contacted law enforcement authorities and “there will be no further comments until the investigation has been completed.”

The statement said Bishop McGrattan removed D’Souza from the St. Bernard’s and Assumption parishes, where he was most recently working, and placed him on administrative leave.

A Calgary Police Service spokesperson said on Sunday that there is “no active investigation by the Sex Crimes Unit into this incident as of yet,” adding that the CPS has been in contact with the diocese.

The statement is being announced this weekend at all masses in every parish where the priest has served in the Diocese of Calgary.

Global News has not been able to reach D’Souza for comment.

Anyone with information is encouraged to come forward to police, Patricia Jones, the chair of the Sexual Abuse Misconduct Committee at 1-833-547-8360, or Fr. Tim Boyle, the bishop’s delegate, at 1-403-330-5923.

Please keep the complainants in your prayers.

Enough for now,


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10 Responses to Speaking of Bishop Fred Henry ….

  1. Amy McSween says:

    You have to pray for both the priests and the victims.

    You have to pray for the Bishop. And you have to pray for a holy Inquisition to remove this demon from Mother Church.

    You have to pray for the death penalty to return, for someone who knows the date of his death is more likely to repent and turn back to God.

  2. Ashley says:

    Fr Moe did go to Newfoundland for two years. Thanks for the updates!

  3. Anonymous says:

    Sylvia, I hope you will save the official statement from the diocese in the Global article before it disappears. Fr. D’Souza served in 12 churches:

    St. Bonaventure, Calgary
    St. Basil, Lethbridge
    St. Peter’s, Milk River
    St. Isidore, Allerston
    Christ the King, Claresholm
    St. Cecilia’s, Nanton
    St. Mary’s, Champion
    St. Mark’s, Calgary
    St. Francis de Sales, High River
    St. Andrew’s, Vulcan
    St. Bernard’s, Calgary
    Assumption, Calgary

  4. Sylvia says:

    A reminder here that in 2001, while D’Souza was yet a seminarian, Bishop Fred Henry gave safe haven to convicted clerical molester Father James Kneale

    Chaos erupted when unwitting parishioners found out that their parish priest was a convicted child molester. Word is that Bishop Henry refused to remove Kneale – until parishioners spoke through the collection plate!

  5. Hank says:

    I’m a parishioner at Our Lady of the Assumption.
    Bishop McGrattan held a town hall meeting yesterday afternoon for parishioners.

    The press conference Bishop McGrattan held Oct. 10 spurred a new report of an allegation of sexual misconduct which reached the Bishop. He then looked into Fr. D’Souza’s personnel file.
    The allegations involving adults date from the time Fr. D’Souza was pastor of St. Mark’s (2010 – 2016) and were present in Fr. D’Souza’s personnel file. In the file, there was also a mention of an unnamed minor. The Bishop’s delegate investigated and was able to unearth two allegations involving minors. The police were contacted.

    Fr. D’Souza was out of the parish within two weeks and then formally placed on administrative leave when the allegations were substantiated, officially Saturday Oct. 26.

    All of the allegations are hetrosexual in nature.

    All priest’s personnel files are being reviewed for any allegations.
    A third party audit of personnel files will also take place.

    Fr. D’Souza was a mature vocation. If I am not mistaken, he is 62 and his 6 year appointment to St. Bernard’s was to be his last before retirement.

    There was an unusual blip in his posting history that made suspicious in retrospect. After he was pastor at St. Mark’s in Calgary which is a very large urban parish, he was assigned as an associate at St. Francis de Sales in High River (pop ~13000) which is a small parish which does not usually have an associate.

    I think Bishop McGrattan is doing a good job after the inital misstep of appointing Fr. Malcolm D’Souza to St. Bernard’s without reviewing his personnel file.

  6. Sylvia says:

    Thank you Hank.

    I have just posted a page with further information on Father Malcolm D’Souza

    Yes, it is strange, indeed in light of the allegations I would now be inclined to say telling, that after years serving as a Pastor at several parishes Bishop Fred Henry suddenly decided to assign Father D’Souza to assist at St. Francis de Sales Roman Catholic Church, High River & St. Andrew’s Roman Catholic Church, Vulcan, Alberta.

    We shall see.

  7. Jessie says:

    What a sanctimonious woman you are. None of the allegations have been substantiated or proven; but as far as your blog is concerned, as soon as a priest is accused of something, he is automatically guilty. And “remember the complainants in your prayers”? Really?? what about the priests that have to go through public judgment and indictment without any proof of truth to the matter, how do think they are faring? You and your kind of ‘religious good’ person are the worst of your kind. Get a life, instead of preying on people who cannot defend themselves against public judgment, due to their vow of ‘obedience’ to the bishop. Do you even realize that you are only spreading ‘gossip’? What will you do if these ‘allegations’ are found to be baseless and / or untrue?? As you going to write an apology? or even admit that you jumped the gun in your posting?? Hypocrite … that’s what you are. May God have mercy on you for the damage you are doing.
    Christ said, “let you who are without sin, cast the first stone” … how sinless are you??
    In that case, Christ knew that that woman was a sinner and defended her; you on the other hand have no clue what really happened; only that someone has alleged something and you are sitting on your judgment seat and making statements with so much insinuation, it’s enough to blow one’s mind. And your disparaging remarks against Bishop Henry are amazing. Where do you draw the line??

  8. Anonymous says:

    Bishop William McGrattan must believe that there is substance to these claims, warranting the removal of Fr. D’Souza and investigation by the police. He has chosen to make Fr. D’Douza’s name public. Initial public statements indicated that no name would be released. That was prior to further investigation by the church and more people stepping forward from the public. It was only a matter of time before Fr. D’Souza’s name became public anyways, as parishioners would have noticed his sudden disappearance. Given the seriousness of the allegations, a review of Fr. D’Souza’s personnel file and the involvement of minors, Bishop McGrattan released Fr. D’Souza’s name. All reponsibility for that decision is his alone, something he would not have taken lightly, given his initial statement about not releasing this name. It seems his actions do correspond with his words about wanting openness.

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