Time permitting

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We are back from a wonderful visit to Scotland and Ireland.  The scenery was spectacular – oohs and aaahs at the top of virtually every hill and around every bend in the road – and there was no lack of tops o hills and bends in roads 🙂

And now we are packing up to head down to the States.  Our grandson’s progress since his transplant  has been a little like a roller coaster.  Initially it looked as though the bone marrow transplant was taking, but then his cell counts started to drop, and then they essentially tanked.  Difficulty days.   A few days ago preparation began for another transplant, this time from another young sister.   Then, two days ago, his cell counts showed a slight increase, and yesterday another, and today yet another, so ….. his counts are nowhere near what is required, but this may be a sign that his body is belatedly accepting the transplant 🙂  We are hoping and praying that that is the case .

His disposition has been amazing throughout all of this.  We are so very proud of him.  He’s quite a boy.  Please please keep him in your prayers. We leave in the morning, and will probably be  away for several weeks.


Yes, I have been keeping an eye on the news over the last few days. It’s not been what one would call nice news, but, I do believe necessary.   Given the time I will try to get some articles posted this evening.

Also, time permitting, starting this evening, I shall try – as promised? –  to get a few pictures of the trip posted (  A remind that there is still a lot of beauty in the world.)

Enough for now,


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  1. Chris Fitzgerald says:

    Hi Sylvia, I was wondering where things were at with the Fr.Brian Boucher case or file? I also was made aware yesterday that Fr.Barry Glendinning, who I had as a teacher in 1996 at a Summer Institute at St.Paul’s U, was a serial abuser. One of his victims was featured on “Ontario Today” – the 12 Noon CBC radio talk show – which we pick up here in Ottawa. Was he just shuffled around, per say? I knew Brian too after considering the priesthood back in the early 90s. Lastly, and confidentially, I learned as well of Fr.Vaughan Quinn’s past.. my mother is very good friends with his sister. It’s all beyond disturbing and unconscionable – namely, that the majority of these criminals see little or no jail time and benefit from the Church’s twisted notion of “forgiveness” (for themselves but maybe less so for the faithful). Keep up this very important and no doubt difficult work. Peace, Chris (Fitzgerald) Ottawa.

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