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We are back from a wonderful visit to Scotland and Ireland.  The scenery was spectacular – oohs and aaahs at the top of virtually every hill and around every bend in the road – and there was no lack of tops o hills and bends in roads 🙂

And now we are packing up to head down to the States.  Our grandson’s progress since his transplant  has been a little like a roller coaster.  Initially it looked as though the bone marrow transplant was taking, but then his cell counts started to drop, and then they essentially tanked.  Difficulty days.   A few days ago preparation began for another transplant, this time from another young sister.   Then, two days ago, his cell counts showed a slight increase, and yesterday another, and today yet another, so ….. his counts are nowhere near what is required, but this may be a sign that his body is belatedly accepting the transplant 🙂  We are hoping and praying that that is the case .

His disposition has been amazing throughout all of this.  We are so very proud of him.  He’s quite a boy.  Please please keep him in your prayers. We leave in the morning, and will probably be  away for several weeks.


Yes, I have been keeping an eye on the news over the last few days. It’s not been what one would call nice news, but, I do believe necessary.   Given the time I will try to get some articles posted this evening.

Also, time permitting, starting this evening, I shall try – as promised? –  to get a few pictures of the trip posted (  A remind that there is still a lot of beauty in the world.)

Enough for now,


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