All went well

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First an update on our grandson….

The bone marrow transplant was done yesterday.  Grandson and his 12-year-old donor sister are “fine.”  All went well.

Now grandson embarks on another journey.  Most children develop mucisitis a few days after the graft/transplant.  It is a miserable and painful affliction which causes blisters and sores on the mucous membrane, – so lips, mouth and down the intestinal tract.  It becomes excruciatingly painful to eat and swallow so a naso-gastric tune is inserted to ensure they are nourished.   The tube will be inserted today or perhaps tomorrow pre-emptivley, the idea being to get it down before the blisters and sores start:  it’s no great joy to have an n/g inserted, but much much better when the mucous membranes of the body are intact.

So, keep the prayers going, the prayers now being that his body accepts his sister’s bone marrow.  It’s a difficult and painful road ahead, but well worth it all to get bone marrow which does it’s job.


We’re leaving for Scotland and Ireland in about two hours!  I’m tell people I don’t recall ever have two such strong and conflicting emotions co-existing within my being.  It’s really strange.   Anyway, now that the day has come I truly am excited about this trip with our grand-daughters.    We are all excited.  And we will have a great time.  Every day is full.  I promised our grandson I will take him along with us in pictures.

So, I will keep you updated on our travels and on grandson’s condition.  For reasons of space and weight and reliability I decided not to take my laptap.  It’s old, and its  a beast and is frought with problems.  I will therefore keep in touch via my tablet.  The tablet isn’t the greatest,  but I can use it to post updates.     If I can find a way to post a few pictures as we travel the Emerald Isle I will do so.  There should be a way, and I really would love to share the trip with you through pictures.  Something nice to meditate on for a change.

You may have noticed that I removed the Contact link from the menu.  I just can not answer emails right now, so decided that this would be the best approach.  You can still post comments.  I should have opportunity to moderate comments daily, however, that may not always be the case – there are rural areas of Ireland where connections are. I believe,  either spotty or non-existent.

Please post links to articles of interest.

I must go and get myself ready to get out the door.

Enough for now,


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  1. Annette Wagner says:

    would you consider making a draft of a letter – so we can fill in our copies with 1.Diocese bishop, 2.Canadian Conference of Catholic Bishops: General Secretary, and 3. the Pope.
    With the info you have on your website we can find out their addresses and deluge them with mail showing “Canadian non complacency” with the Silence blanketing Canada! It’s just that most of us are not skilled writers and would find that daunting. Once we have the draft letter we could have them printed up and put a stack at our church for people to fill in and send! Please consider it, or find someone who would do it.

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