Another world

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We’re still waiting for results from blood work.  We should know by weekend if any of our grandsons siblings can be a bone marrow donor.

Busy days at hospital.  Doctors have been so good and staff are wonderful.

We are meeting other Moms in the hospital – it’s  amazing what they have been and continue  to go through.  Some have been in the hospital with sick child for months – miles and miles from home and trying to keep a normalcy and interaction with their other children while hovering at the bedside of a critically ill child. It’s another world.

We’ll see what today brings.  Our grandson is in good cheer and taking this new and very unwelcome chapter in his life in stride.  Our daughter is holding in there – missing her other children and working on the logistics  if getting them here and having them cared for when her husband starts a new job in another city, plus trying to house  hunt!  An awful situation, but am realizing that in this world she is far from unique and in fact there are many many who are in worse situations.

In the midst of the chaos prayers are being answered.  Little things.  Important things.


















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3 Responses to Another world

  1. Anonymous says:

    I wish the best for your grandson.

    It is very easy for to sign up for the bone marrow donor registry. I did years ago. The more who sign up, the better the chances of a match.

    • Sylvia says:

      Thank you anonymous. Yes, in the past few days i have talked to three moms whose children recently received marrow from some kind donor outside the USA. The registry is international.

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