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Our grandson is being medivaced this morning to  another children’s hospital .  Please continue to keep him in your prayers.  As I told you before he, he has been diagnosed with aplastic anemia.  His red blood cells, platelets and white blood cells have all essentially tanked.  The way ahead will be determined by those who are taking over our grandson’s care.

My husband and I will attend Mass this morning and then hop in the car and head right for the States.  I think we will probably drive until early evening, stop somewhere for the night and then drive the last few hours in the morning.

I will just leave it at that for now – will post a few words when we stop for he night.

For the time being I will  be blogging to keep you abreast  the medical situation.   If there is an article you believe people should read please post a comment with a link to the article.

Thank you all for your prayers and support.  Please keep the prayers going.



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2 Responses to Medivac

  1. Evangeline says:

    Oh, God bless you and may He heal and comfort your grandson! Our Lady, please intercede for him.
    When our child was so very ill two years ago we ask St. Maria Goretti to help, and she did. St. Maria Goretti, please pray for Sylvia’s grandson.
    St. Anthony, please pray for him.
    St. Padre Pio, please pray for him.
    St. Jude, please pray for him.
    All the angels and saints, please pray for him, and the family. Amen.

  2. John Sylvestri says:

    Sylvia, Our Thoughts and Prayers are with You and Your Family. God Bless and Keep Your Grandson, I ask this in The Name of The Father, in The Name of His Son Jesus Christ and in The Name of The Holy Spirit and I offer this prayer to You for Sylvia and her family.

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