Most go that route

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Previously convicted molester Father Barry McGrory has been committed to stand trial on the charges from all three complainants.  And, yes, that means that the charges include those related to the allegations of one complainant who did not testify at the preliminary hearing.

McGrory has opted for a trial by jury.   And, yes, most do go that route.

So, the next court date for father Barry McGrory is:

26 June 2018: 10:15 am, pre-trial discovery,  Ottawa courthouse (161 Elgin St.)

I will have to check but think that this may NOT be open to the public.  As soon  as I find out will let you know.

Don’t for a moment think that a trial date is now just around the corner.  It usually takes about a year to move from committal to stand trial to the actual trial.

On and on and on it goes 🙁

Meanwhile  Father McGrory is still foot loose and fancy free. And, yes, I do refer to him as Father, an oxymoron to put it bluntly, and stark reminder to us all that that, to my knowledge,  Church officials have failed to ensure that this wolf in sheep’s clothing is defrocked.  The process was supposedly started by the Ottawa Archdiocese  late in 2016.

How long does it take?


Plans are being made to have our grandson transferred by helicopter to another hospital.  Things are apparently moving very quickly now.

Prayers. Prayers. Prayers.  Keep them going.

Enough for now,


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