Where is this going?

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Look at this:

23 May 2018:  “Pope Francis Will Receive 5 Priests Who Were Victims of Abuse in Chile” & related article

More Chilean ‘victims’ invited  to meet Pope Francis. Some, it seems, are victims of clerical sexual abuse, while others are victims of something which is being bandied around a lot in the last few days: “abuse of conscience.”

I really don’t know what is meany by “abuse of conscience.” And I really do not like to see the issue of clerical sexual abuse being, as I see it, yet again watered down by referring to a litany of forms of “abuse.” Please, can we not just address the reprehensible issue of clerical sexual abuse without meandering all over the place?  Can we not just stick to the topic?

Where is this going?

And why do the Chilean “victims” receive invites to meet with the Pope in person? Why, for example, is such an ‘honour’ not bestowed upon victims of any of host of clerical Canadian molesters, ie Father Hod Marshall, Eric Dejaeger, Robert Whyte, Dale Crampton.  For that matter, what about the countless Irish victims of clerical sexual abuses? Ditto the Australians? Ditto American?

I don’t for a moment expect all victims  of clerical sexual abuse to be invited to the Vatican to meet with the Pope.  That is an impossibility.  There are literally thousands upon thousands.  But why all of this  loving and caring and sharing and reaching  out to this one particular group of victims?

The cover-up in Chile is by no means the only cover-up by Church officials world-wide. Far from it!

Why then the papal focus on Chile?

And, for that matter, where, if anywhere, does the Holy Father’s Pontifical Commission for the Protection of Minors fit into all of this?

There is something about the Holy Father’s response to this whole Chile scandal which I find unsettling.

Please keep all the victims of clerical sexual abuse worldwide in your prayers.

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