Is it the squeaky wheel?

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And another mess from Chile:

22 May 2018:  “Chilean Bishop Suspends 12 Priests, Apologizes for Not Acting Sooner” & related articles

The bishop apologizes for not acting sooner!  And the apology came on the heels of a media expose?!

Is it only the squeaky wheel which gets the grease?  Is that what all of this is boiling down to?   Circling the wagons after they’re ‘caught’/exposed?

Do they have any idea how disgusting this is?


Is this a case of a squeaky wheel?

22 May 2018:  “Arvada Ex-Priest Charged With 2001 Sex Assault Of Tulsa Boy” & related articles

It’s hard to tell, but what changed between 2004 and now?

Thankfully charges have been laid, but sounds as though this man should have been out of the priesthood long before he finally left, and sounds as though diocesan officials should have issued a warning to parents throughout the diocese to be on the alert because there were credible allegations of sex abuse against Father Lewis .  Had that been done, and had Father Lewis been very publicly defrocked at the time,  this boy would probably not have been abused.


It gets tiring.  It really does.  The same old, same old.  All different but all somehow the same.

Enough for now,



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