Australian Archbishop convicted for covering up

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Archbishop Philip Wilson, the beleaguered Archbishop of Adelaide, Australia, has been convicted for covering up/concealing child sexual abuse:

22 May 2018:  “Adelaide Archbishop Philip Wilson found guilty of concealing child sexual abuse” & related articles

The charges date to the mid 1970s when a 15-year-old  altar boy disclosed to then Father Philip Wilson the abuse he, the altar boy, had suffered five years earlier  at the hands of Father James Fletcher.

Over the past three years the archbishop has tried in vain to have the charges thrown out.  The verdict is, I would say, a huge loss for Wilson’s $1000/hr lawyer.

Will there be an appeal?

We shall see.

Sentencing is set for mid June.  The maximum he could serve is two years.  His lawyer is arguing for a conditional sentence/no jail time.

Just a note here to point out that, sad to say, and for reasons unknown, there is no duty to report child sex abuse to police in Canada .  However, in most if not all provinces and territories,  there is a duty to report such allegations to the Children’s Aid Society or its equivalent.

Finally, I have said it before and will say it again:  I do not for one moment believe that failure to report such abuse is due to a desire to protect the Church.  If the offending priest was removed from the priesthood and quietly sent away I could entertain the thought, but I can not for a moment conceive that any priest who claims he loves and wants to protect the Church would allow any clerical molester to continue to function as a priest by offering up the Holy Sacrifice of the Mass, offering spiritual guidance, hearing confessions.   Never mind what secular society thinks now, or thought then.  What does Christ think?

Yes, the millstones.  Those biblical millstones.


Previously convicted Church organist Brian Lucy has a court date for sentencing this afternoon in Brockville, Ontario:

22 May  2018:  2 pm, sentencing, Brockville Ontario courthouse (41 Court House Square

Please keep the victims in your prayers.


A reminder that the unofficial English translation of the Father Paul-Andre Harvey documents is posted:

Unofficial ENGLISH translation of Father Paul-Andre Harvey statements and affidavit

If you haven’t read them yet, please take the time to do so.  This is a disturbing peek into the mind of a convicted clerical molester.  I want to make a few comments.  Will do so later.

Thank you bc!

Enough for now,


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