One can only wonder

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Previously convicted Church organist Brian Lucy has a court date for sentencing tomorrow afternoon in Brockville, Ontario:

22 May  2018:  2 pm, sentencing, Brockville Ontario courthouse (41 Court House Square

Please keep the victims in your prayers


The unofficial English translation of the Father Paul-Andre Harvey documents is posted:

Unofficial ENGLISH translation of Father Paul-Andre Harvey statements and affidavit

Also posted is the original French of the documents combined into a single file:

Father Paul Andre Harvey Affidavit and Annexes


There are still a multitude of media outlets claiming that the 34 Chile bishops tendered their resignations en masse. 

As yet I can find no  clarification on the matter.  As I said elsewhere I do believe that the bishops offered to resign:  they did NOT tender their resignations

Lacking clarification from the Vatican or the Holy Father, confusion continues to abound.

And now, to add to the existing confusion:

21 May 2018:  Pope Francis said ‘that you are gay does not matter’, abuse survivor claims

One can only wonder:  What the heck is going on?

Enough for now,


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