Long weekend

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As promised, I’m getting the English translations of the Father Paul Andre Harvey documents ready to post in one page.  It’s nearly ready to go but, it’s also supper time so time to round up a bite to eat.  I’m not sure if I will get back to it this evening – if not, I will get it posted in the morning.

I must confess that I actually would have had it done had but spent most of Friday night/Saturday morning watching the royal wedding 🙂   Once upon a time I could be up all night like that and it wouldn’t  fizz me.  Not any more 🙁

Anyway, I’m back on track 🙂

It’s a long weekend.  Rain here yesterday, but sun broke through the clouds  this afternoon and it turned into a beautiful day.  I think tomorrow is supposed to be a nice day too, so great for those who headed off camping or to cottages.

Whether at home or away, enjoy the good weather, and enjoy the weekend

Enough for now,



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