…why not actually submit their resignations?

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All 34 of Chile’s bishops have offered to resign:

18 May 2018:  “Chile’s bishops resign en masse over sex abuse cover-up” & related articles

Some media outlet headers claim the bishops have resigned, but it seems rather that the bishops have signed off on a letter indicating that they will resign if required to do so.

Is this not rather strange?  If they are serious, why not actually submit their resignations?  If their resignations were actually tendered it would still be up to the Pope whether or not to accept the resignation.

Anyway, as I understand the situation we shall find out more at a press conference later today.


Check out the English translations on Father Paul-Andre Harvey document translation


bc has been working overtime

Thank you bc!   This is so very much appreciated.

I will be out this morning, but later today will compile all of these excerpts onto one page for an easier read of this very disturbing material.

Enough for now



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