Another guilty plea from former Cornwall Classical College prof?

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It sounds as though previously convicted Viatorian priest Father Ron Leger  has entered another guilty plea.  In March of this year we were anticipating a date being set for trial, but,  his next court date is for sentencing.  I checked to be certain.  Yes, it is for sentencing.

10 June 2018: 10 am, sentencing, Provincial Court of Queen’s Bench , Winnipeg Provincial courthouse (Main Floor, 408 York Ave.).

I don’t believe there has been a sentencing hearing so I’m thinking that this upcoming court date will be a sentencing hearing with ‘experts’ speculating as to his chance of re-offending, and both sides arguing if he should or should not be jailed, and if so, for how long,  and probably opportunity for victims to give their Victim Impact Statements?     The judge could then opt to pronounce sentencing later in the day, or set another date.

A reminder that Leger, a student at Cornwall Ontario’s now defunct Classical College, later taught at the college, and did so when the former long-time Chancellor of the Alexander-Cornwall Diocese and recently convicted sexual predator Father Denis Vaillancourt was a student .  A reminder too that while teaching at the college Leger was a good friend of Father Paul Lapierre.  Lapierre has since been charged and convicted for the sex abuse of Claude Marleau.


Thanks to someone who sent me the link, there’s another article posted regarding the recent out of court William Hodgson Marshall settlement:

10 May 2018:  Final settlement in historical sex abuse case

Again, good for you Denis for hanging in there all of these years.  You did it!


Here’s more disturbing news regarding the charges and allegations against Father David Paulson, a priest of the Diocese of Erie Pennsylvania:

12 May 2018:  “Trooper linked to case of priest in Erie diocese” & related article

Note that (1) Paulson purchased that property  in boonies in 2003 with  Mark Bettwye, a friend who was also a police sergeant, and, (2) Bettwye was aware that Paulson frequented the camp with young boys:

“During the week of March 12, 2018, the Grand Jury heard testimony from Bettwy who confirmed that he shared ownership of the property with Poulson. Bettwy stated that he was aware that Poulson frequented the camp with young boys.

And note that Poulson allegedly told his friend that if he, Poulson, was ever accused o molesting altar boys his portion of the property was to go to Bettwy family

“Bettwy then returned to the Grand Jury on April 16, 2018, and recounted a statement that Poulson had made when they purchased the property. Specifically, Poulson indicated his desire to see property ownership relinquished to the Bettwy family in the event that he (Poulson) was ever accused of molesting altar boys.”

Poulson has been removed from all his assignments which include serving as  Chaplain at the state prison in Cambridge Springs, bishop’s delegate for Mass in the Extraordinary Form (Latin Mass), diocesan liaison to the Catholic Charismatic Renewal, and diocesan chaplain for the World Apostolate of Fatima (The Blue Army of Our Lady of Fatima)


Anther case of children being sexually abused during confession, this one at a school in Ireland:

12 May 2018:  “Northern Ireland Catholic Priest ‘Sexually Abused Boy In Confession Every Week For Three Years’” & related article

Now why pray tell were confessions being heard in a store room?

When, I wonder,  did clergy decide that there was no need to hear confessions in an actual confessional?

I believe there was and more than ever is merit to the use of a confessional booth where the priest can not tell who is confessing, and where he has no ability to have any form of physical contact with the penitent.  Yes, a priest could still misuse the confessional to try to groom a child penitent, but in an actual confessional he can not lay a hand, or even a finger, on the penitent.

I say we bring back the old-fashioned confessionals. If “Father” wants the children in a particular  school to go to confession, then round the children up and bus them to the nearest church which has real, honest to goodness old-fashioned confessionals.


A few days ago I was pondering:  Where oh where is Father Adrian Cristobal?

Father Cristobal, you may recall, was recently here in Ottawa, Ontario studying Canon Law.  Yes, at  St. Paul’s University.  Still on staff  with the Faculty of Canon Law are Father John Renken and John Huels

Father Renken is  currently listed as Dean.







John Huels is shown as a full professor








Meanwhile, over in the Vatican Pope Francis is meeting with the Bishops of Chile to discuss sexual abuse in the the Church in Chile:

15 May 2018:   “Chile archbishop defends himself as pope’s summit opens” & related articles

15 May 2018:  Chileans denounce suffering sex abuse by Marists, priests

I repeat her the comments I made earlier on the first:

Does the Pope believe that clerical sexual abuse, denials by molesters and their enablers and cover-ups are unique to Chile? I fear this has that feel.

Has he ever, I wonder, heard of Cornwall?

Has he ever, I wonder, heard of Perry Dunlop?

Has he ever, I wonder, heard of any of the countless priests in Canada who raped the souls and destroyed the faith of so many young Roman Catholics and their families?

Where have these people been for the past forty or fifty years?

Note Cardinal Javier Errazuriz’ justification for his failure to address the sex abuse allegations against Father Fernando Karadima: “They were accusing a priest with a great pastoral calling, whose preaching enriched more than 30 young people who were ordained priests and four priests who were consecrated bishops….They also accused a priest who inspired a youth association that propagated his fame.”

Is the Cardinal really that naive? is he that ignorant of the fact that molesters are among the greatest manipulators and liars on the face of the earth?

Is the Cardinal one of those people who thinks that molesters sport horns?

Let’s see where it goes. Will the bishops of Ireland will be called to meet in person with the Pope solely to address the magnitude of the clerical sexual scandal and cover-up in Ireland? Ditto the bishops of Canada. Ditto the USA. Ditto Scotland. Ditto England. And on and on and on…


Finally, just in case you missed it.  The latest news on the circus surrounding the Cardinal George Pell sex abuse trial in Australia:

14 May 2018:   “Prosecutors Seek Complete Ban On Media Reporting Of Cardinal George Pell Trial” & related article

Due to the time change we should have an idea by evening how the judge rules.  Will I be allowed to say a word?  Will there be a ‘super injunction.’  We shall see…

Enough for now,


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