Where oh where is Father Adrian Cristobal?

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Another total mess:

11 May 2018:  “Diocese of Phoenix: Guam priest left area” & related articles

Where of where is Father Adrian Cristobal?

Father Cristobal, the priest from the scandal-plagued Archdiocese of Agaan (Guam), former Chancellor to  Archbishop Anthony Apuron (a disgraced  molester) and accused molester was recently a studying Canon Law at Ottawa’s St. Paul University.

Where is he now?

No one seems to know.   Chances are as good that he is in Canada –  and for that matter here in Ottawa – as they are that he is defiantly anywhere else.

I say defiantly because, by the sound of reports, Father Cristobal is indeed a defiant priest, and not at all  an exemplar  of obedience to his superiors.  If what is being reported is fact, Cristobal is merrily sashaying about doing his own thing and flatly refusing to return to Guam.  And, if what we read of the sex abuse allegations against him are fact, the children who cross this priest’s path are seriously at risk

Where in the name of all that’s good and holy is this priest?

Is he visiting friends  in Ottawa?   friends he met while studying Canon Law in Ottawa?  Perhaps staff?

Is he back in Ottawa taking a summer course of some sort?

Keep an eye out for him.   Watch your children.  Here are two pictures:

Photo: Pacific News Centre







Photo” Pacific Daily News








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