Globe-trotting, parish-hopping and Catholic-name-dropping priest

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Yesterday, as promised a few days ago, I scanned and posted excerpts from Miracles in Louisiana?  one of Father Luc Meunier‘s many books.

Meunier, who literally molested his way across both Canada and the United States, and, I would guess, the world, styled himself a “missionary” of the Second Vatican Council.  He travelled and worked hither and yon, his travels captured at least in part by his burning need to brag and name drop,

Anyway, here are the excerpts from Miracles in Louisiana which I found and copied years ago at the National Library

1981:  Excerpts from Father Luc Meunier 1981 book:   Miracles in Louisiana ? (mostly English, some sections in French)

It really is the weirdest book – supposedly about a young girl known for her holiness, but so much is replete with Meunier and all of his globe-trotting and parish hopping and Catholic name dropping.

I will work my way through to pull out and copy dates and places ‘ blessed’ by Meunier’s presence.  I think that given what we know now  it is safe to surmise that he was molesting as he went, be it in a corner in Canada, Australia, USA or Rome or wherever.

As you see, there are section in French.  I ask those of you who are bilingual to please read through the French sections to see if there is anything of particular interest which should be highlighted.

I also have excerpts of his 1959 offering:  From Granby to Rome.  The bulk of this is in French.  I will eventually scan and post this too, with the hope that you who are bilingual will give us an idea of what all he is bragging about out in this little tome.

Please keep the countless victims of this wolf in sheep’s clothing in your prayers


And a few articles of interest:

(1)   09 May 2018:  Two Franciscan Friars Plead Guilty to Endangering Children in Pennsylvania

According to one article, they pled guilty, but according to another they pled ‘no contest.”  I have no idea which it is.  No matter, what’s the point?  They were search sentenced to five years probation, a $1,000 fine and court fees.

Is covering up and thereby willfully placing children at risk  a serious offence or not?

Perhaps we must be happy that charges were even laid?  Perhaps this is where we must, for the time being,  be content with the crumbs which fall under the table?

(2)  09 May 2018:  “Priest in Johnson County allegedly stole more than $40,000 from his church” & related article

I wonder what the two counts of computer crime are all about?

(3)  08 May 2018:  Priest accused of groping girl’s buttocks in Boonton admitted into probation program

This, alas,  is what I refer to as the huggy-bear-kissy-face for sex offenders time.

(3)  08 May 2018:  Erie Catholic Diocese Priest Charged with Sexual Abuse of Two Boys

10 May 2018:  “Two Erie Catholic bishops present different approaches in case of priest” & related article

There’s a bit of a mess brewing in the Diocese of Erie Pennsylvania over the sex abuse charges laid Father David Poulson.  The first article recounts the horrors perpetrated on those boys by Poulsno and refers to “the memo.”  The second essentially addresses the memo and who knew what when.

The video of the Bishop Lawrence Persico press conference with Q&As is an interesting watch. Tap dancing?  Yea or nay?

(4)  10 May 2018:  “Chilean cardinal at center of abuse scandal won’t travel to Rome” & related article

Who knows what is going on here. If the claim is that Cardinal Errázuriz can not attend the meeting in the Vatican , and if indeed there is merit to that claim, surely someone could start up a Go Fund Me campaign?

Note that in the second article Anne Barrett Doyle.  co-director of,  said that the pope’s listening sessions with the victims in the Vatican  are  “ a testament to the graciousness of the three Chilean survivors, Juan Carlos Cruz, Dr. James Hamilton and José Andrés Murillo.”  Well said Anne.  That is so very true.


I will try to get news on the status of the Father Ron Leger csv charges a little later.  He was in a Winnipeg court yesterday.   Is ee nothing in the media?

Please keep the complainants in your prayers.

Enough for now,


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