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There were two assignment court dates:

(1) Father Amer Saka , a priest with the Chaldean Catholic Church in Canada  had a court date in London Ontario today:  he is facing charges of  fraud over $5,000 and possessing proceeds of property or thing exceeding $5,000:

08 May 2018:  9 am, Assignment Court, Superior Court of Justice, London Ontario courthouse ( 80 Dundas St.)

There is a possibility a date may have been set for trial.  I will check tomorrow and pas on the news.

(2)  Previously convicted former professor at the Cornwall Classical College Father Ron Leger had a court date in Winnipeg today:  I believe he is still facing at least eight charges related to sex abuse allegations from four complainants:

09 May 2018:  09:30 am, Assignment Court,  Provincial Court of Queen’s Bench ,  Winnipeg Provincial courthouse (Main Floor, 408 York Ave.)

Please keep the complainants in your prayers.


There are several articles of interest posted:

(1)  07 May 2018:  “Ex-detective Denis Ryan wins compensation decades after being pushed out of Victoria Police” & related articles

As I said elsewhere, finally an extremely belated  form of vindication for a brave police officer in Victoria Australia who encountered cover-up within the ranks when he tried to have a local priest charged.

I firmly believe that the day will come when Perry Dunlop, Canada’s own honest cop, will be vindicated.  I earnestly hope and pray that Perry will not have wait forty plus years.  Apologies are already long over due.

(2)  I discovered that I already had some of those 1990 articles posted.  They were posted back when I first compiled the data of priest charged, sued or accused.  I found it was good, however, to re-read the information a number of years downstream.

What I decided to do is link the articles one to the other, starting with:  10 February 1990:  How Catholic church turned blind eye to child sex abuse by priests

The other articles linked in are:

02 November 1990:  “Trail of abuse stretched across country”

02 November 1990: “Conviction didn’t end career

02 December 1990:  “Sexual assaults by priest cost church $150,000″

Note the following para from the latter article re serial convicted molester Father Dale Crampton:

“The only attempt made at counselling was when church officials sent one family to a local priest who told the parents it was the boy’s fault and ‘he must have liked it,’ Carr-Harris said.”

Does anyone know who that local priest was?  I believe it is important that we know.

(3)   The Monsignor Cristobal in the following article was here in Canada studying Canon Law at Ottawa’s St. Paul University

07 May 2018: Lawsuit: Former archdiocese chancellor Adrian Cristobal abused, raped boy for 18 years

It is no comfort to realize that Cristobal was in the city of Ottawa, footloose and fancy free to essentially do as he pleased.


A beautiful beautiful day today.  Summer is here 🙂   And, in flood-ravaged New Brunswick, water levels are thankfully dropping.


Someone has asked that I post my mailing address here.  The request came from someone who, like many others, has contacted me in the past relaying information.  However, when I attempt to respond to confirm or ask for clarification my emails bounce.   I understand your desire for anonymity, however,  I assure everyone that you that your contact with me is confidential and that my emails are seen by no one but me.  You can also contact me using a pseudonym – but, if you are sending me information I need to be able to contact you .

So, to “anon,” I prefer not to put my mailing address on the site.  Please send me an email using an email address to which I can respond.  I had an important question for you a few weeks ago and tried, without success,  to get in touch with you a few weeks ago.  It’s frustrating for me.

Enough for now,


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