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The second part of the 1990 Kevin Donovan Toronto Star series is now posted:

02 November 1990:  Trail of abuse stretched across country

Yes, it took a while, in part because I was off digging through files to find Meunier documents, and in part becasue I spent a little time getting the Meunier page ready to eventually transfer, along with the rest of to a different Word{Press them  I had photocopied , and, well, partly because I received a call last evening from a tearful little granddaughter to tell me that she had very very bad news to share: a goat had died.  Sometimes time must be taken 🙂

A new day, and the article is posted.  As you see, it deals with one of Canada’s many notorious serial clerical molesters,  Father Luke Meunier.

Sad to read of the Marsden parents who, in the early 60s, wanted to avoid scandal by getting Father Meunier, – their daughter’s molester – removed from Marsden Saskatchewan immediately.  Bishop Laurent Morin suspended Meunier, and Meunier simply moved on to molest in greener pasture, his reputation, it seems, no worse for the wear.

And then he was welcomed into the Diocese of Nelson BC.  And there, yest another sad tale wherein the father of a young altar boy molested by Meunier refused to allow the RCMP to question the boy.  The father had, he later said, agreed not to press charges becasue Bishop Doyle had said he would send Muenier to a place with older people!

The long and short was that, yet again Meunier was no worse for the wear, and away he went, searching for and, alas, finding those green pastures .

Why the bishop did not ensure that those parents understood that a priest who sexually abuses children is unfit to be a priest for anyone, young or old is beyond me.  Why those bishops didn’t take those parents aside and teach them abut the millstones, – on Our Lord’s words on the fate of those who harm children is beyond me.  (Unless, of course, those bishops didn’t view the sexual abuse of a child as a serious, gravely sinful and criminal act?)

Anyway, it is always  both astounding and heartbreaking to realize how many souls have been raped  because of the abject failure of  bishops (and religious superiors ) who knew  to stop a clerical predator dead in his tracks by doing what needed to be done to have him thrown into jail and out of the priesthood.


I have some Father Meunier material on file to photocopy and post:  pages from books he authored and published.  Some are in French, and some are in English and some are a bit of each.  The English sections which I can read offer a bird’s eye view into the mind of a proud human being constantly blowing his own horn.

When I get those coped and posted I will let you know, but first I will get the rest of the Donovan series posted.


And speaking of failures to do the right thing, another Hod Marshall lawsuit settled out of court:

07 May 2018:  Last Marshall litigant settles for $950 K

Usually there is a publication ban on the amount of out of court settlements, but, for whatever reason, in this instance we learn that Denis Beland accepted an offer “just shy of $1 million.”

I am happy for Denis.  He suffered not only the sexual abuse at the hands of Hod, but endured untold further suffering when Basilians expelled him for telling another Basilian, parents and students what Hod was doing to him.  Please please read Denis’ Victim Impact Statement:

Denis Beland: Victim Impact Statement

This process has  been seven long long and painful years for Denis, but, he hung in there, and it’s finally over.

And, yes, it will allow Denis to, as he said ” live out my last days in dignity without being financially strapped.”

Good for you Denis.  My thoughts and prayers are with you.


I did do a lot of re-arranging on the Hod Marshall page.  As you know, part of the plan had been to try to move all the links to media coverage back onto the page, but, at this point, I have decided  not to try.  I fear it would crash the page- I just don’t want to take a chance .

Enough for now,





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