Diocese of Alexandria-Cornwall about to be swallowed up by the Archdiocese of Ottawa

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Well, as anticipated by many, the Diocese of Alexandria-Cornwall is about to be swallowed up by the Archdiocese of Ottawa:

02 May 2018:  “Changes to the Diocese of Alexandria-Cornwall” & related article

Good or bad?  Time alone will tell.

As you see, there is to be another Auxiliary Bishop appointed to assist Archbishop Terrence Prendergast.  Will the new auxiliary be a priest from the Cornwall area?  someone to placate those Catholics who want no part of this ‘merger’ ?  If yes, who?

As I say, time will tell how this merger plays out for the scandal plagued Diocese of Alexandria-Cornwall.

My prayers are with the many victims in the Cornwall area who have yet to see justice done.


Remember?  this is the Benedictine priest who was recently convicted in Scotland:

04 May 2018:  “Disgraced priest appeals sex abuse conviction and jail term” & related articles

So, Father Moore is appealing.  Moore, you might recall,  is  from the same order as Father Robert MacKenzie, a former Benedictine priest now incardinated in and living in the Archdiocese of Regina Saskatchewan.

Extradition proceedings are said to be under way to have MacKenzie returned to Scotland to face sex abuse charges.  Sad to say no one, it seems, is insisting that MacKenzie, a Roman Catholic priest,  do the right and proper thing and just return to Scotland.


Sacrilege.  And, priest or no as party to it,  sacrilege I would say was the intent of the participating parties:

04 May 2018:  “Catholic Church urge gardai to investigate ‘shocking sex act on an Irish church altar’” & related article

And, yes. I do believe the church should and must be reconsecrated.


I have a series of articles regarding clerical sexual abuse in Canada which ran in the Toronto Star in 1990.  Amazing to read now!  A great job by Kevin Donovan. More dots to connect 🙂  The first in the series is, believe it or not” How Catholic church turned blind eye to child sex abuse by priests?”

I have permission to post, and am anxious to do so – unfortunately will probably not get to it until tomorrow afternoon.  As soon as they are posted I will let you know

Enough for now,




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