Another serial molester gone to meet his Maker

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Serial molester Father Paul-Andre Harvey is dead:

03 May 2018:  “Former pedophile priest Paul-André Harvey is dead” & original French text & related articles

Father Harvey, who was currently serving a six year sentence for sexually abusing 38 girls ages 6 to 12, and one 23-year-old woman between 1963 and 1987, died in jail.

Yes, that’s right.  A six year sentence for a priest who was convicted for sexually abusing 38 little girls and one woman.  Yes, another one of those familiar sentencing  scenarios:   “Tut tut, bad boy”

Note the numbers of those who were participating in a class action lawsuit:    in the order of 80.  Yes, 80!

And so, in the midst of serving his sentence here on earth Father Harvey has gone to meet and is in the hands of his Maker.

I wonder, did he beg God for forgiveness in his last months?  Did he beg God to heal those whom he molested?  Did he pray without ceasing for all his victims?

I hope he did.

As I have said before, I wish eternity in Hell on no one.  True, I have no problem locking these predators up for life and, in fact, really do think it would serve them and society well to do so, but I do not wish eternity in Hell on anyone.    I pray that God will have mercy on his soul.

As most of you know, the death of their molester tends to be an extremely difficult time for victims. Please keep Father Paul-Andre Harvey’s many many victims in your prayers.


The translation refers to Father Harvey as a former priest.  I think this may just be journalists who refer to any priest who has been suspended as a “former” priest?   Was he defrocked?  I don’t think so.  He should have been, but I don’t think he was.


Serial molester, former Basilian and now deceased  ex-priest William Hodgson Marshall (Hod Marashall ) spent time in three “treatment” facilities.  Here are the locations with approximate dates:

 1978:  Washington DC ( this may have been at St. Lukes’s Institute which is just outside Washington)

June 1979:   Southdown (Aurora Ontario)

sometime 1996-sometime1997:  St. Luke’s Institute , Maryland

More to come as I get information and sort it all out.

Enough for now,


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