Earning his keep

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I THINK all the Hod Marshall blogs are now posted on the Hod Marshall page?  Scroll down to “BLOGS” to see the list.

It’s been a bit of, as they say in court, ‘jogging’ of my memory as I  went through the list.  It’s not that there are things that I had forgotten, but there are a number of things which had slipped my mind.  Some of the blogs of course are only reference to a court date, but there are others which contain important information and which I will definitely dig out again and reference when I make a more in depth comment on the recent settlement.

Apologies, there has been no opportunity as yet to re-arrange things on the page.  Hopefully I will get to that later today 🙂

And, still on the subject of Hod Marshall, posted this morning from Sault Ste Marie:

01 May 2018:  $2.6 million awarded to man abused by former principal of St. Mary’s College (8 photos)

Great pictures, and, thank you David Helwig for mention of Sylvia’s Site


Here is the latest on the what I do believe is the pending Cardinal George Pell trial spectacle:

02 May 2018:  “George Pell set to face two trials over historical assault allegations” & related articles

Why the cardinal doesn’t just settle for one trial and get it over with is beyond me.  I guess his ‘Rolls Royce of defence lawyers’ lawyer knows what he’s doing, is earning his keep, and believes two trials vs one is in the Cardinal’s best interests?

Please keep the complainants in your prayers.

Enough for now,


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4 Responses to Earning his keep

  1. Stefaniegoldmarie says:

    Sylvia, thanks so much for the post.Really thank you! Keep writing.

  2. monique alexander says:

    I am from Massey ontario and need to know what has been found out so far on father cecil noronha. He was the priest at our church and now we are left hanging till they decide to explain why he was removed and charged with threatening a minor who he had sexually abused. We cannot sweep this under the rug but all is hush hush and this is the 4th priest that I trusted and cared for. I cant deal with the fact that we keep protecting them. It will never end unless we start picketing the catholic churches. Our children are still going through this pedophelia craze. Can you help me?

    • Sylvia says:

      I am just trying to round up information on him Monique. I am having a bit of trouble sorting out where he came from originally? I found out that he was in Toronto with the Voluntas Dei Institute, but was he perhaps in India before that? Anyway, I am looking into it and will get a page for him posted fairly soon. I will also check to find out what is happening with the charges. I am sure they are plodding through the system – it usually takes one to two years before these cases go to trial or a guilty plea.

    • Sylvia says:

      I have just posted a page for Father Cecil Noronha. Ifnayone has any information to fill int he gaps please pass them along. Also, if anyone has a picture of Father Noronha please pass it along.

      Note that he has a preliminary hearing 04 April 2019. That will be open to the public. This hearing is for the Corwn to present a little of the evidence to a judge in order for the judge to determine if he/she believes there is sufficient evidence to take the case to trial. The media can attend, but will not be able to report what transpires as far as evidence and testimony regarding the allegations. I urge those who can do so to attend.

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