Have you ever heard of “historical” murders?

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On the heels of news of the ground-breaking settlement awarded a victim of serial now-deceased molester and ex-Basilian priest Hod Marshall I had planned to make a few comments regarding Marshall and some of his fellow Basilian predators.  In attempting to do so I discovered, much to my dismay, that I had not made a record of the blogs which had posted over the years mentioning Marshall.  Indeed, the first blog posted regarding Hod Marshall was 21 May 2018, “Serious case of cover-up and recycling?!  Yes, that’s as close to eight long years ago as it gets!

I am now in the process of posting links on the Hod Marshall page to all the blogs which reference Hod.  Some of those blogs make only passing reference to Hod, but some contain information which should be more readily accessible to all.  So, it’s a work in progress

While I’m at it I want to try to clean up the page and, while I’m at it, if possible, bring back the links to those media articles which had to be posted to another page.  (Those who were following the site then may recall that the Hod Marshall page was overloaded and crashing:  the only fix was to lighten the load by relocating all those media links.  Things have changed a lot in those years – I think I may just be able to move the links back.  I’m going to give it a try :))


In case you missed the news, Cardinal George Pell, the Australian-born Prefect for the Vatican Secretariat for the Economy , has been committed to stand trial.

01 May 2018: “Vatican treasurer Cardinal George Pell faces historical sexual offences trial” & related article

Yet again I ponder why some cases of child sex abuse are referred to as “historical”?  Have you ever heard of  “historical” murders?

Is there something about use of that adjective which subtly implies that child sex abuse is not as big a deal as if it were not historical?   Have we all been conditioned over the years to think in those terms?  I wonder?  (By the way, I believe that the “historical” designation is utilized throughout the Western world.   Who came up with it, I wonder? and, why?)

Anyway, back to the Hod Marshall page

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