On and on and on it goes….

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On and on and on it goes….

The court-date of Father Barry McGrory has been adjourned to 31 May 2018.   It seems the  Crown and defence wish to continue discussions they were having previously.  What those discussions entailed I have no idea.  Plea bargaining a guilty plea?  All things, I suppose, are possible.  Whatever it is, it is being done behind closed doors.

No matter.  For today, in the twinkle of an eye it was all over.  McGrory has waived his 11b rights to trial within a reasonable time frame and will be back in court on the 30th  of May, again at 9 am, and again  “to be spoken to.’   It’s all the same on the 31st  as it was for today, with the possibility that the judge will decide to continue the preliminary hearing by calling the complainant who has not testified to testify, and  the possibility that the judge will commit McGrory to stand trial, and of course  the possibility that the judge will rule that he deems there is insufficient evidence for McGrory to stand trial.   And, yes, there is indeed the possibility that the Crown and/or defence will ask for more time and another adjournment 🙂

Father McGrory was there, accompanied by two women and a man.  The only others in the courtroom were my husband and I.

There’s really not much more to say aside the fact that Justice Berg reminded us all that he is new to the bench, and he cracked a few jokes, and Father McGrory laughed.

That was it.

Please keep the complainants and all the McGrory victims in your prayers.

Enough for now,


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