Where are their heads?

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Former Gananoque church organist and previously convicted molester Brian Lucy  has an upcoming court-date for sentencing:

22 May  2018:  2 pm, sentencing, Brockville Ontario courthouse (41 Court House Square)

Lucy entered a guilty plea to charges related to the long-term and repeated sexual abuse of a teenage boy in the 1990s.

Please keep the victim in your prayers.


There’s a good article in the St. Catharine’s Standard regard the early release of ex-priest and serial molester  Donald Grecco,

17 April 2018:  Convicted of sexually abusing boys, ex-priest granted parole: The Wolf in Priest’s clothing followup

I totally understand William O’Sullivan’s frustration.  Totally.

Can you imagine the audacity of Grecco, a clerical child molester no less, moaning about the rough time he endured because of media coverage?!   And even complaining that he couldn’t eat?!

Was there so much out of him as an ounce of regret, or a smidgen of concern for the damage he, as a Roman Catholic priest, inflicted upon that young lad?

No matter.  The charitable members of the parole board decided – for whatever reason – to spring this unrepentant being loose on the community?  An early release.   Where are their heads?  What about the children?

Please keep William O’Sullivan, and all the Grecco victims in your prayers at this difficult time’s. And, if anyone hears news of the outcome of William’s trip to Queen’s Park on Monday please pass it along.

Good luck William O’Sullivan.  My thoughts and prayers will be with you on Monday.


The next court-date for serial Oblate molester and ex-priest  Eric Dejaeger is:

25 July  2018:  1:30 pm. “to speak to,” Nunavut Court of Appeal, Iqaluit courthouse, Iqaluit, Nunavut

This is part of the on-going process whereby Dejaeger hopes to convince the Nunavut Court of Appeal to hear his ‘case’ and subsequently have several of his convictions overturned.  The taxpayers are, by court order, footing his legal bills in this venture.

Please keep the victims in your prayers


The following is a ruling from the Supreme Court of Newfoundland and Labrador regarding lawsuits and Mount Cashel which details the abuse of and the assessment of damages for four victims, but also the fact that the archdioceses was not deemed liable of the abuse inflicted upon those victims by the Brothers at Mount Cashel:

16 March 2018:   John Doe (GEB #25) v The Roman Catholic Episcopal Corporation of St. John’s  2018

Where does it go from here?   The Supreme Court of Canada?   Let’s just hope and pray that’s not the case and that the Christian Brothers will pay for the damage inflicted upon those poor young lads.


[An addition]

Well, my goodness it sounds as though the preliminary hearing into sex abuse allegations against Cardinal George Pell in Australia came to a dramatic conclusion with Pell’s lawyer – the Rolls Royce of Australian defence lawyers – throwing enough insults and slurs around the court during closing arguments in, I believe, the hopes that (i) something might stick; (ii) public opinion might be influenced; (iv) intimidating the complainants; and, well, (iii) just plain practise in the event he’s back in the not too distant future defending the “good” Cardinal in front of a jury.

17 April 2018:  “Cardinal George Pell allegations a ‘product of fantasy’ to punish him, court told” & related articles

Is, I wonder,  the Cardinal,  proud of such a public display by his lawyer?

The judge will release her decision01 May 2018  as to whether or not she believes there is sufficient evidence to commit the Cardinal to stand trial.

Please keep the complainants  in your prayers

Enough for now,



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