Pathetic, twisted perverted human being

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Former long-time Church organist and previously child convicted molester Brian Lucy entered a GUILTY plea in Brockville Ontario this past January :

29 January 2018:  Former church organist guilty of sex crimes

Note that according to the article Lucy was involved with the “junior Knights.”  I think that would be the  Columbian Squires?  No?  Can those of you who are familiar with the KOC and Squires  help me out on this? Is there any other branch of the KOC which deals with youth aside the Columbia Squires?   I don’t think so, but I could well be mistaken.

Note that according to the agreed upon statements of facts, Lucy was a trusted friend of the boy’s family: he sexually abused the boy numerous times before the lad turned 18, the abuse, which included oral and anal sex, often lasted for four to five hours.   Note too that this predator shared the boy with  two older men: he actually invited two older men to have sex with the boy.  It seems no one knows quite who these men were.  Who,  were they?  Part of a ring?  Who were they?   Clergy?  Fellow Knights?  Has Lucy not disclosed?    If not, why not?

Truly if there is a single ounce of contrition in Lucy’s heart for what he has done to these boys,  and any modicum of concern for the safety and well-being of children,  he would disclose this information to police so that these predators, if alive,  can be held accountable for their sins and crimes .

And note that it doesn’t end with this molester sharing a victim with friends:  Lucy filmed himself ‘having sex with’/(molesting?) another boy and then showed the video to this victim.

What a pathetic, twisted and perverted human being.

I can’t find any reports indicating that Lucy has been sentenced.  I placed a call to find out when his next court date is and we will sort it out from there.

I commend the victim for finding the courage to come forward.   Please keep him in your prayers


A TRIAL date has been set for Father Brian Boucher for early 2019. There is also one other court-date for this coming June.

Here are the two dates:

(1)  08 June 2018; (1) 9 am, motion, Montreal courthouse, (1 Notre-Dame St E, Montreal ).

This court-date is tied into a motion of some sort. I have no idea what the motion is for. Anyone who wishes to attend to find out what is happening is free to do so.

(2)  21 January 2019: (2) 9:30 am, TRIAL, Montreal courthouse, (1 Notre-Dame St E, Montreal ) .

Sorry, I was unable to find out how long the trial is expected to last, but he is going to trial, the trial date is set and it will commence in January of next year.

Please keep the complainants in your prayers.


I am awaiting a call back from Nunavut with an update on the status of  Eric Dejaeger ‘s attempts to appeal several of his convictions.  As soon as I get word I will pass it along.

Enough for now,


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