“It’s none of your business anyway!”

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So, yes, it is indeed a Preliminary Hearing.  The preliminary hearing for previously convicted moleter Father Barry McGrory  started this morning (Tuesday, 03 March 2018) and will continue tomorrow (Wednesday 04 March 2018)  at 10 am:

03-04  April 2018:  10 am, courtroom #10, Preliminary Hearing (161 Elgin St.)

Note the courtroom number.  The room was listed on the court docket as 25c.  When I arrived I was curtly told there is no courtroom 25c!   Off to the counter and into the line-up!  It’s  courtroom #10.

In my efforts to sort out what is happening I spoke to several people, including the Crown (Lisa Miles) and investigating officer, but at  the end of the day all I can tell you is that today and tomorrow is a preliminary hearing related to sex abuse allegations of three complainants.

As always with preliminary hearings, there is a publication ban so at this time I am unable to give details on testimony.   There are I believe a total of seven charges stemming from the allegations of the three complainants.  The charges, which include those of indecent assault, gross indecency and gross indecency with oral sex, date from the mid  to the late 60s.

And yes, Father McGrory was there, sitting in the front row behind his lawyer,  sporting a navy blazer, slate grey slacks, with shirt and blue and white striped tie.  There were perhaps three  women in his company around the courthouse: two of the women were in attendance in the courtroom throughout the hearing.

We did exchange a few very brief words, Father McGrory and I.  I greeted him in the morning as he entered courtroom.  He asked who I was.

After lunch –  again as we entered the courtroom, I asked Father what progress is being made with regard to his laicization (defrocking).  Initially he very calmly replied “I have no idea,”  and then he literally exploded at me:  “It’s none of your business anyway!”

He was really quite angry.


Please keep the complainants in your prayers.

Enough for now,


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7 Responses to “It’s none of your business anyway!”

  1. Suzanne Herrick-Lee says:

    Sounds as if you hit a nerve there, Sylvia! He showed his true colours! Thanks for your ongoing court presence, so supportive of the victims!

  2. Colleen Passard says:

    According to the Ottawa diocese McGrory’s defrocking is imminent — then again Bishop Reisbeck was adamant it was imminent in June 2017. And of course in 1997 I was told at meditation McGrory had already been defrocked following his arrest for sexual assault— a blatant lie. The Ottawa diocese continues their doublespeak—they trumpet zero tolerance for clergy child abusers in public and simultaneously continue to protect McGrory. It’s a collusion with darkness — not of the light. All people of good faith need to rise up & say ENOUGH.

    • BC says:

      I sincerely lament what happened and what is continuing to happen to you.
      The representation made to you in 1997 regarding Father McGrory`s status during your mediation with the Diocese of Ottawa was in the best case scenario negligent. In the worst case it was fraudulent. And as you know intent not being an element in Canadian torts you might want to look into; if you reasonably relied in 1997 on the representation regarding Father McGrory`s official status within the Church; whether or not you would have acted differently had you known that he wouldn`t be defrocked for at least another two decades in the future. Obviously when those who are negligent act in bad faith when they are settling with the victims of their negligence; the victims cannot reasonably hope to be restored. Mediation that involves deceit is not mediation per se: it is the continuation of what led to it by other means.

      All the best to you Ms Passard.

  3. Miecul says:

    “It’s none of your business anyway!”

    Well, who business is it? We should be able to check who has and who hasn’t been defrocked.

    If you talk to him again Sylvia. Tell him you searched Google and found no website to which one can find answers to the question you posed the day before.

    Take one step back and take note of his reaction. You can have fun with life and put a smile on your face.

    Is that cruel? I think not.

    • BC says:

      It’s the business of Canadian taxpayers who fund the Church with favorable income tax provisions… and who paid to have Father McGrory reinvestigated and re-charged; who are paying for the prosecution of Father McGrory; who will be costing Canadian taxpayers even more should he be incarcerated.

  4. Anne C. says:

    Sylvia, we so appreciate your dedication to this cause on behalf of all who have suffered over the years. The Archdiocese of Ottawa knew about McGrory’s proclivities when they brought him to Ottawa. They knew he was a pedophile and a warped and twisted man and yet they still him unleashed him, on the unsuspecting and fawning followers at Holy Cross. The church knew when Colleen Passard and others went to them, telling them of the abuse they had suffered and they just moved him ago another, and hushed the accusers up. And they knew when Andrew Duffy of The Ottawa Citizen wrote his powerful piece 2 years ago, in which McGrory gleefully spoke of his “sexual addiction” and admitted that he abused Ms. Passard. And STILL the Archdiocese did NOTHING!!!
    It is shameful and disgusting how they have treated these victims and shameful that the Catholics if Ottawa have done little to hold the accountable. As the saying now goes, #timesup and it has been a long time getting there. I hope they throw the book at his smug face!! And it IS your business, Sylvia! It is all of our business. Thanks again.

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