Windy and cool…

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Happy Easter everyone!

It’s windy and cool here, but, the sun is shining, and its’ still Easter Sunday.

As always throughout these days of Easter, from Holy Thursday through Good Friday , to Easter Sunday, my thoughts and prayers have been with you all in a very special way.

It feels a little strange today.  We are having our Easter dinner tomorrow.  Monday was thought to be the best day to accommodate everyone’s  schedules, but it’s turned out that several who thought they had the day off are working, so, I am carrying on with preparations ….. there will be lots of doggy bags put together after dinner tomorrow 🙂  and, yes,  lots of leftovers for the week :)!


Father Barry McGrory has a court date on Tuesday:

03 – 04 April 2018:  10 am, TRIAL Preliminary hearing (??) Ottawa courthouse (161 Elgin St.)\

There seems to be much confusion over this date.  I was explicitly told it is for a 1.5 day trial.  In response to my queries the clerk actually went a dug out the file, and looked it up in front of me.

However, someone who checked shortly after me was told it is booked for one day, not 1.5 days. And then I heard from someone else that it is not for trial at all.

Is the court open tomorrow?  I think not, but will check.

Enough for now,


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