The antithesis of the goodness and love of God.

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An article regarding Belgian born Oblate serial molester Father Alexis Joveneau has been google-translated into English and posted along with the original French text:

24 March 2018:  “He sexually assaulted the Innu in the name of God” & original French text

The translation isn’t the greatest, but I think suffice to get a feel for the depravity and perversion of this man.

Shades of Father Eric Dejaeger, another Belgian-born priest who, like Joveneau, wanted to come to Canada to serve in the missions?

Dejaeger would have been little more than a babe in arms when  Joveneau headed off across the Atlantic to ‘serve’ in Canada’s north.  Joveneau arrived in the early 50s; Dejeager arrived 20 years later,  in  1973.

Did they know each other?  Did Joveneau give Dejaeger tips?

The similarities in how the pair operated are, for me, uncanny.

But, perhaps the bottom line is that this is  just  how evil works?   It is the antithesis of the goodness and love of God.

Enough for now,


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  1. bc says:

    Oblate priest & adviser To Monaco’s royal family indicted in US federal court on child pornography charges:

    Beware the Oblates. (and the Basilians… and all the rest of ’em)

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