Do fellow parishioners know his background?

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Here’s the latest news on the Cardinal George Pell preliminary hearing in Australia:

23 March 2018:  “Cardinal George Pell case: Alleged inappropriate conduct occurred in public pool, court hears” & related articles

22 March 2018:  “‘Impossible’ for Pell to reveal genitals from under robes, court told” & related articles

And an explanation as to why we do not know details regarding the allegations:

22 March 2018:  Why the public isn’t allowed to know specifics about the George Pell case

Please keep the complainants and all witnesses in your prayers.


Another shocker:

22 March 2018:  “Bishop ‘used church money to buy cattle ranch’” & related articles


Ex Jesuit priest, ex-lawyer and serial molester Jerry/Gerard Vesnaugh is in Phoenix Arizona and seems to be actively involved at St. Joachim and St. Anne Catholic Church, Sun City, Arizona:

Pages extracted from  St Vincent de Paul Society Newsletter January/February 2018 (Diocesan Council of Phoenix, AZ)

And a few articles of background:

Molester may get chance for rehabilitation  Part One 1

 Molester my get chance for rehabilitation  Part Two

03 October 1986:  Former priest who jumped parole pleads guilty in new fondling case (reference perjury)

22 March 1981:  Detroit lawyer jailed on sex charge

11 July 1981:   Ex-priest To Be Tried

Do Vesnaugh’s fellow parishioners, particularly parents,  know this man’s background?

Enough for now,


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1 Response to Do fellow parishioners know his background?

  1. Terrence Power says:

    I think the Kavanaugh issue got me to thinking about Vesnaugh and I stumbled on this site. I was one of the altar boys at Immaculate Heart of Mary in Detroit when Vesnaugh used to take a group of us swimming at Mumford High School. Somehow he had access to the pool after hours. No one was there but our group.

    He told us that the pool rules forbade us from wearing swimming suits (presumably for “health” issues) and that we had to swim naked. So there we were, probably a dozen 7th and 8th graders, running around naked and jumping off the diving board while Vesnaugh watched. I recall Vesnaugh wearing a swimsuit, but I could be mistaken. I remember the kid he went after, a quiet, weaker kid who lived down the street from me. Not much was said about it at the time, or at least not to us. We vaguely knew what he did.

    I never forgot what happened and purposely kept my kids away from the church while they grew up because of this. It still makes me sick that he did that to us. My family was heavy into the church and I ended up going to a Jesuit high school. Luckily, I never encountered anything there like what happened in grade school with Vesnaugh.

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