What have we as a society come to?

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Convicted Basilian child molester Father Kenneth O’Keefe csb died  20 March 2018.


As most of you know, the death of one’s molester is usually a difficult time for the victims:   in that vein I believe that this will be a difficult time for all of those those who were sexually abused at the hands of this Basilian priest.

Please keep the victims in your prayers.


Ex priest and serial molester Donald Grecco is seeking an early release from jail:

20 March 2018:  “Ex-Priest in jail for sexual assault seeking parole that could see him walk nearly halfway through his sentence” & related article

Note the following:

In the October sentencing hearing, Justice Joseph Nadel sentenced Grecco to 18 months in prison, with three years of parole after his time is served. At the time, Grecco waived his right to early parole but has now made an application for early release

The games!

And this:

Nadel said he “regretted” that he wasn’t giving Grecco a longer sentence. The judge said Grecco pleaded guilty on the understanding that he would receive an 18-month sentence, and that guilty plea saved the community time and money that would have been consumed at a trial.

So, a plea deal for a child molester in order to save the community time and money?!  And a molester who nobly waived his right to an early parole, and then applies for an early release.

A reminderxhere  that this is the same molester who previously breached his bail conditions and received no more than an ever so charitable and gentle ‘Tut tut bad bad boy’ for so doing ( 30 days he served pre-trial plus one day – to run concurrent)

What have we as a society come to?  When it comes to men who prey on children, what have we as a society come to?

As I said in my comment at the foot of the article, Grecco  has no shame. None! He should be happy and thankful to do what he can to try to make some small manner of reparation for the damage which his selfish perversion and lust caused him to inflict upon children.

It’s Lent.  I would have hoped that at the very least  during Lent a former Catholic priest who has committed such atrocious crimes would be begging to atone for his sins by donning sackcloth and ashes, and begging to be incarcerated for life.

Not so.  far far from it.

Let’s hope and pray that he does not get that early release.

Please keep Grecco’s victims in your prayers


An update on the sex preliminary hearing of Cardinal George Pell in Australia:

21 March 2018:  “George Pell was a ‘bully’: court witness” & related articles

There are more articles this morning.  I shall post those shortly.

Enough for now,


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