Viatorian priest ordered to stand trial – again!

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I have heard that the two weeks of courtroom activity in Winnipeg surrounding the latest sex abuse allegations against previously convicted Viatorian molester Father Ronald Leger csv was in fact a preliminary hearing and NOT trial, and that the judge has ruled there is sufficient evidence to proceed to trial .  I shall try to find out more today, however, as you know, I have recently been having great difficulty finding out anything about this case.  Nevertheless, I shall see what I can do 🙂

Please keep the complainant in your prayers.


Updates on the sex abuse allegations against Archbishop Anthony S.Apuron of Guam and Cardinal George Pell of Australia:

(1)  Vatican tribunal has found Cardinal Apuron guilty.  Apuron is appealing:

19 March 2018:  “Byrnes apologizes to Apuron’s victims, speaks of a better church” & related articles

As I commented at the foot of the articles: can anyone think of one good reason why the tribunal would not insist that an archbishop convicted of child sexual abuse should not be defrocked/laicized? I honestly and truly can not.

(2) The preliminary hearing of Cardinal George Pell in Australia continues:

19 March 2018:  “George Pell committal: Complainant came forward after seeing cardinal on TV” & related articles

This is a case of trying to stitch together the essence of the sex abuse allegations against the cardinal.  We really do not know.  The actual charges have not be made public, and the courtroom doors were closed to the media and public during two weeks of complainant  testimony.  The doors are now open.  Once all witnesses have been heard the judge will determine whether or not he believes there is sufficient evidence to proceed to trial.

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