Australia’s Rolls Royce of defence lawyers on attack

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All ‘alleged’ victims have now testified and the Cardinal Pell preliminary hearing is now open to the public.  The following is a compilation of articles which  capture events which have transpired in the courtroom since the doors opened to the public.

14 March 2018:  “George Pell: Father of alleged victim speaks in first open court session” & related articles

There’s a degree of déjà vu here for all of those who recall what transpired in Cornwall Ontario:  Perry Dunlop became the whipping boy for every child molester’s lawyer coming or going.  This  reached ridiculous proportions at the Cornwall Public Inquiry.   Indeed,  so ridiculous and persistent  did these tales of Perry exacting revenge by twisting arms to get grown men to lie and say they had been sexually abused by prominent men in the Cornwall community that in sheer frustration I had a little fun with all the nonsense and wrote the following parody:

Acts of Perfect Charity:  A Parody

I don’t know where Mr. Richter -Australia’s  Rolls Royce of defence lawyers – is going with with his charge that Dr. Barrett is outright lying on the stand and under oath, but I think it may have something to do with conspiracy, ie. Barrett and who knows who else conspired to have the poor defenseless Cardinal accused of child sexual abuse.

Whether or not Richeter pursues this as a line of defence remains to be seen, but I do believe it is tucked away in what I call that little black book , alongside the pointers on  shoot the messenger.

Anyway, we shall see how this unfolds and whether or not Richter succeeds in keeping the Cardinal from going to trial.


I have tried in vain to find out what is happening in the Winnipeg courthouse with the Father Ronald Leger charges.  Is it a preliminary hearing?  Is it trial?  Believe it or not, I have been unable to find out!  No one can or will tell me.  There is acknowledgment that there is indeed something happening in court related to the Leger charges, – but, what?  Even the Crown’s office directed me back to the courthouse, and staff at th courthouse can’t or won’t tell me.  My last attempt was leaving a message with the media contact.  No call back.

So, sorry, but I have no idea what is happening.  I will perhaps try again this afternoon.  Sometimes dealing with a different clerk makes all the difference in the world.

Enough for now,


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