“Keep Your Hands to Yourself”

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The two-week sex abuse trial of previously convicted Viatorian priest Father Ronald Leger.

05-16 March 2018: 10 am, TRIAL, courtroom #403,  Winnipeg Provincial courthouse (Main Floor, 408 York Ave.) ;

Leger, a former student and teacher at the now defunct Cornwall Ontario Classical  College, entered a guilty plea  to charges related to the sexual abuse of three boys.  The charges date to the ’80s and early 2000.    In February 2016 he was sentenced to  two years in jail and his name was added to the sex offender registry.  In October 2016 he was granted day parole.

I encourage those who can do so to attend.  Please keep the complainants in your prayers.


Remember Nathan Labatt, the former youth volunteer with Archdiocese of Regina, Saskatchewan Youth Ministry who faced charges in three Saskatchewan jurisdictions.  He eventaully ‘won’ a stay in two jurisdictions and an acquittal in another.   In regard to the latter, “Judge Patrick Koskie ruled that the Crown had not definitively proven beyond a reasonable doubt that the victim was under the age of 16. Although Koskie said he had a reasonable suspicion that was the case, the statement of the accused to that effect fell short of the criminal standard for the establishment of age.” (Yorkton This Week, 31 March 2017)?  And, in the same article we learned that:  “Prior to being arrested on January 14, 2015, Labatt had made a voluntary statement to police that he had indeed made the advance to the youth and possessed an explicit picture of the individual’s private parts on his cell phone. In the videotaped statement, presented by the Crown at trial, Labatt admitted that he assumed the victim was under 16 because they met at a youth camp, but could not definitively say how hold the child was, only offering a range of 14 to 15.”

Well, that same Nathan Labatt was entertaining at an event sponsored by the Campion College Council of the Knights of Columbus and the Campion College Student’s Union.    Unfortunately I am unable to grab a file of the entire page advertising this event, but I can give you this: (Here is an external link to an ad for this event 


The Campion College Council of the Knights of Columbus and the Campion College Student’s Union presents

An Old School Rock ‘n’ Roll Fundraiser 3

And here is a clip showing Labatt as one of the “Pledge Performers” (Click to enlarge):




In the event you can’t read the text, here is the relevant section:


Got Skillz.. JOIN THE ACT! Be a Fundraising Super Star
This year we searched and found five *friends to join MGB during the show as guests performers again, like we did last year with Sed Contra. This year due to the success of collecting pledges for a couple of the performances, it was suggested that this must be all about fundraising and we agree. So if you believe in our cause and would like to support it then pledge one of these performers:

Tricia Leis performing “Talk Dirty to Me”

Morgan Leis performing “Exs & Ohs”

Donna Kirby performing “Summer of 69”

Nathan Labatt performing “Keep Your Hands to Yourself”

Brett Salkeld performing “Mama Let Him Play”

Maybe you’re a friend of one of our guests or maybe you just love one of these songs or maybe you just believe in our cause and want to help promote a great show! To pledge your donation:

 The question here of course is:  who decided that it was appropriate to allow Labatt to participate at an event sponsored by the Knights of Columbus of a Catholic College?

[By way of interest,  that Brian Salkeld is Dr. Brett Salkeld, a Theologian for the Archdiocese of Regina and Director of the archdiocese’s Diaconal Formation Program. ]


Don’t forget to check NEW to the site for articles added over the last few days.  There are two articles of interest added this am:

05 March 2018:  Male escort’s 1,200-page dossier outing gay priests sent to Vatican

We’ll see where this goes and what happens to the 34 priest and six seminarians.  There is a need of course to fully investigate these allegations to ensure that this male escort is telling the truth, however I cannot conceive what is in that 1200 page dossier barring evidence.  We shall see.

05 March 2018:  “Cardinal George Pell: committal hearing begins into sexual offence charges” & related article

It’s looking like an OJ defence may be in the works?

Enough for now.




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