What a lark, but, what a lark, but, so very very clever.

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The following four articles posted, which I believe are of particular interest,  are posted:

(1)  27 February 2018:   Pell’s lawyers refused access on alleged victim’s criminal history

I hope and pray that at trial the prosecutor  intends to call an expert witness on the impact of clerical sexual abuse on a child.

(2)  26 February 2018:  “N.J. priest on leave after sex abuse allegations surface from time as Staten Island teacher in 1980s” & related articles

Another late vocation to the priesthood, and another former teacher. How many have there been, I wonder?   How many priests who were “late vocations” who have been charged?  And how many of those were former teachers?   It seems to me there are a lot.  I don’t have numbers, but I now unfortunately cringe when I see that a priest is a late vocation to the priesthood.

(3) 23 February 2018:  Continuing the Conversation on Clergy Sexual Abuse

Here is one victim who has found away to effect change, and this in the Archdiocese of Regina, Saskatchewan.  Well done Pamela!

(4) 26 February 2018:  “More alleged victims of Saginaw priest Robert DeLand come forward Monday” & related articles

Take the time to read through the various articles.  He’s 71-years-old whose focus presumably  is and always has been “community service.”  Not salvation of souls mind you.  Community service.  Why, I wonder, did he not decide to be a social worker, or something along those lines?  What – or who – led him into the priesthood?

Note too that he was the Judicial Vicar of the diocese.  And further note that he was actually the executive director with the Child Abuse and Neglect Council!   In light of the fact he was caught in a sting operation I believe I can safely say, what a lark, but, so very very clever.

His lawyer tried to defend him by saying that DeLand, as a pastor, has “helped hundreds if not thousands of people.”   Indeed.  And meanwhile the police phones are ringing off the hook.  I highly doubt that  those are calls from people who claim they were helped by Father DeLand?

Let’s pray that anyone who has been subjected to sexual assault or abuse at the hand of this priest will find the courage and strength to contact police.

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