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I used to routinely advise people to check NEW to the site for recent  posting of articles, documents and so on.  I haven’t doe that for a while so, here goes…

Please check NEW to the site to keep tabs on recently posted information.  The link can be accessed manually by clicking on the “NEW” tab on the horizontal menu under the picture.

And now a bit of catch-up  :

(1)  Father Albert Laisnez

Fer Albert Laisnez died 31 December 2018:

Father Albert Laisnez  Obituary

In early 2014 Father Laisnez was charged with three counts of sexual assault and three counts of gross indecency.  The charges dated to the mid 80’s,

Then, in August 2015, for reasons unknown,  the charges were stayed.

According to an article in the 16 May 2014 Edmonton Journal Father Laisnez had long been the subject of complaints of inappropriate behaviour with  adult women.  In 1996, after a woman sent out letters to a number of parishioners recounting her  allegations against him Father Laisnez made a public statement in church “saying he was a sinner, and admitting to excessive hugging and kissing with adult women in the congregation.”  At that time the Archbishop of the day Joseph MacNeil admitted that Laisnez had “some problems” but didn’t think they were too serious.  He was suspended in 1996 or 1997, sent off for another round of “treatment” at Southdown and then to Ottawa to study  and therapy.

(Archbishop Joseph MacNeil died recently.  I will find and post the obituary.)

(2)  Father Stephen Amesse

Unfortunately Father Stephen Amesse is still serving as a priest at St. Patrick’s Basilica in Ottawa.

Father Amesse St Pats Masses 25 and 26 Feb 2018

Father Amesse is the celebrant this coming weekend at the following Sunday Masses:  Saturday 4:30 pm, Sunday 09:30 am, and Sunday 12:15 pm.

This man, who offers up the Holy Sacrifice of the Mass,  hears confessions and interacts with altar servers is the priest who gifted a young lad with a body shaver, doesn’t know what grooming is and claimed he sought out Eric, an American body builder,  to give him fitness tips, –  the same Eric whose filthy pictures grace the pages of gay porn websites.

(3)  Some articles of interest:

22 February 2018:  “Bavarian court jails ex-priest for 108 counts of child sex abuse” & related article

His surname is a secret!  Privacy!!!!

20 February 2018:  Vatican judge takes plea bargain on molestation, child pornography charges

Even in the Vatican court.  A plea bargain!

So, no jail time, but, while I won’t as yet hold my breath, I trust – hope and pray – that a priest who fondles the genitals of a young – but, of yes, of age – lad in a market is deemed unfit for the priesthood and defrocked.

20 February 2018:  “Insurance firm demands London diocese return $10M in sex abuse payouts” & related article

another article on the AXA insurance demand that the London Diocese return $10 million in sex abuse settlements paid to the London Diocese

21 February 2018:  “Vatican sex abuse investigator hospitalized in Chile” & related articles

It will be interesting to see the final report.  Too bad Archbishop Scicluna wasn’t able to finish the interviews himself.

16 February 2018:  Court likely to withdraw charge of key accuser in Cardinal Pell abuse case

The good news here is Cardinal Pell’s legal team was denied their request to access the medical records of complainants.

Enough for now,


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