“Friends of Father Steve” fundraiser should not have been associated with Giant Tiger

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Some interesting information regarding Giant Tiger and a fundraiser which was conducted on behalf of Father Stephen Amesse .

Giant Tiger has separated itself from a fund-raising email sent out in early 2015 by Greg Farrell , CPA, CA President & COO Giant Tiger Stores Limited | 2480 Walkley Road Ottawa.  The fundraiser was set up for Father Amesse  in December 2014 after Amesse was charged with  two counts of sexual assault and two counts of sexual interference.  As you see,  Greg Farell signed off on the email very publicly identifying himself as President and COO of Giant Tiger Stores Limited and thereby implying to recipients – deliberately or otherwise – supp0rt and backing of Giant Tiger for his venture:

Cover letter for “Friends of Father Steve”

Some questioned Giant Tiger’s Association with the fundraising.  And that was it until this year when Irene Deschenes happened on the letter.

Some of you will recall that Irene Deschene was one of the brave victims who played a key role in bringing serial molester Father Charles Sylvester to justice in the Diocese of London Ontario in 2006. (In 2006 Sylvestre pled guilty to sex abuse of 47 girls aged 7 to 15 between 1954 and 1986.  He died in jail in 2007, three years into a three-year-prison-sentence)

After she came across the Farrell letter on Sylvia’s Site a deeply concerned  Irene contacted Giant Tiger regarding what she saw as its stance.   A copy of the Farrell letter –  including comments – was sent to Julia Knox.

In a recent email to Irene Deschenes regarding the Farrell email, Julia Knox,   Giant Tiger Senior Vice President for  Strategy and Customer Experience, wrote in part that “As an inclusive organization any endorsement of members of the clergy would go against our brand values particularly on this serious issue.”

Here then is a copy of the email sent by Julia Knox to Irene :

From: Julia Knox – Strategic Planning <xxxxx>

Sent: January 11, 2018 11:56 AM

To: Irene Deschênes

Subject: RE: Greg Farrell – concerns

Hi Irene,

Once again, thank you for reaching out to Giant Tiger with your concerns and bringing the letter to our attention.

I have reviewed the letter and its origins, and can confirm that the content should not have been associated with Giant Tiger Stores Limited.

As an inclusive organization, any endorsement of members of the clergy would go against our brand values particularly on this serious issue.   We are a proud Canadian retailer, and our goal is to be connected and committed to the communities in which we operate and call home.

I apologize for any distress that this letter may have caused yourself and others.

As a result of your inquiry, we are reviewing our internal processes so that all employees of Giant Tiger Stores Limited are aware of our policies moving forward.

Thank you for taking the time to connect with me.  We are proud to have people like yourself in the community, and hope to be able to serve you for years to come.

Kind Regards,


Julia Knox

SVP, Strategy and Customer Experience

Giant Tiger Stores Limited


office: xxxxxx

Thank you Irene!!

As you all know of course, Father Amesse was acquitted, or, as I prefer to say, alas, he was acquitted.

For those unfamiliar with what transpired in that  courtroom here is a list of the blogs I wrote :

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At the very least the fact that Father Amesse admitted in a court of law that he gave the boy a body shaver  should have been suffice for Archbishop Prendergast to realize that there are problems with this priest.  But, no, Father Amesse is now Associate Rector at Ottawa’s St. Patrick’s Basilica in Ottawa. Associate Rector, no less, at one of Ottawa’s largest and busiest churches!

(Father Amesse- St Patrick’s Basilica  Bulletin 14 January 2018)

I hear via the grapevine that some parishioners are less than happy.  I shall try to find out more.  I do earnestly hope and pray that  Roman Catholic parents will take the time to read what happened in that courtroom and fight to protect their children.  They also need to ask why, if there is no problem, Father Amesse spent weeks in Southdown?

And then, of course, there are those filthy pictures of Father Amesse’s friend Eric.

As you know I sent an e”mail to Archbishop Prendergast before Christmas.  No response.  I will email again.


I have been, and still am, under the weather.  A nasty cold which just wants to stay close to me :(.


Nasty weather here yesterday and today, – pretty inside looking out, but not nice for those who have to be on the roads..  Snow, freezing rain and rain.  Compared to the weather others have been enduring across Canada and the States we really can not complain.

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