Alas, my question has been definitively answered

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When it comes to clerical sexual predators, complicit clergy and  apologies Pope Francis has stepped over a line:

18 January 2018:  Pope Francis shocks Chile by accusing sex abuse victims of slander

Accusing the victims of calumny?

And this demeaning of victims comes on the heels of the papal apology:

17 January 2018:  “Why this Chilean abuse survivor refuses to accept Pope Francis’ apology” & related articles

Yesterday I pondered if anything had changed since Pope Francis’s previous defence of Bishop Barros with claims that the opposition to him was unfounded and coming from the ‘the left.’

Alas, my question has been definitively  answered.

Pray for  victims everywhere.  This papal accusation of calumny against victims  papal  goes beyond to pale.

Meanwhile in Ottawa  at St. Patrick’s Basilica:  (Father Amesse- St Patrick’s Basilica  Bulletin 14 January 2018)


Enough for now,


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6 Responses to Alas, my question has been definitively answered

  1. Sylvia says:

    Someone contacted me to say the two excerpts from the bulletin do not enlarge. For those having this problem I have added a link to the complete bulletin. Click here

  2. jg says:

    Surprised that Francis is responding like so many other dictators on the planet, not accepting the ”facts”?…blaming the victim, attacking the victims?…
    These are the times we live in or that we have evolved into. We should only be left to wonder where it all started, which came first in this pattern of ”abuse of power”.
    I remember only a short time ago, only in 2010 or so, right on this site, arguments and exchanges where many could not accept or envision that Rome was a facilitator if not a participant in this cover-up of clergy abuse. Such conversation was attacked by anonymous clergy, invited hateful rebukes from some wounded faithful. Then we witnessed the hidden cancer being identified in bishops, in Rome, all over the planet. In Australia, we have Pell and his denials. There is no end to this lie.
    At a certain level I am saddened that Francis’s election turns out to have been another ploy to save ”the church” and not seek the truth in all matters. A charismatic Pope, a few beatifications shortly after and we were all supposed to go to sleep while time performed its magic on the Faithful…The death of the perpetrator or the victim was just a ”Divine remedy”.
    The hate , the hypocrisy, the denials is only taking us all closer to ”evil” which is intent in destroying the Truth and the remaining Good in our lives.
    Obviously this ”revelation” of the Popes interior is a sure sign we all have to be vigilant, that no one is safe from the seeds of Hate and Evil.
    We are all being deceived by Power and Greed, wherever it takes control. This is not the time to go to sleep…
    The victims of abuse and their supporters in Chili should know that they are only the latest in this battle to right this abysmal wrong and that they are not alone in the fight.
    …Blessed are the meek…

  3. Baspuits says:

    Qui se defend se ressemble……
    You only defend your kind……

    PS nice to read your opinion, again JG


  4. Mr Nobody says:

    You will probably have noticed that no Catholics on twitter ever make any complaint about the child abuse cover-up in the Catholic so-called church?
    I am on Twitter regularly and never see any Catholic posting a complaint on the so-called popes twitter…
    Twitter is no measure of everything that’s going on of course.

  5. jg says:

    The ”pope” is on the ”fake news” wagon this morning, after the unusual scrutiny and his missteps during the South American tour. I can only imagine the frustration because they can’t hide anymore, they can’t just move to another country or another continent and pretend to be fighting the ”snake”.
    It is only ”Justice” catching up to the real fakers, the real snakes.
    We are all connected through the ”Internet” and they hate it. In a sense we have conquered the ”death” that has so served the ”church” over the centuries and the abuse of power.
    Interesting that the pope is using language similar to the”POTUS”.
    Frustration at not getting everything their own way…
    There is no place to hide anymore.
    Interesting development, without any celebration. Just a time for reflection.

  6. Ken says:

    Why is Amesse not back working in the Fallowfield parish? No stronger message of exoneration could be made by the church than to put Amesse back in the same parish from which the accusations originated.

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