Victims deserve better than this from their archbishop

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Very disturbing news from the Archdiocese of Moncton, New Brunswick:

17 January 2018:  Blame tough lives of priests’ victims on economy, not abuse, says church

Note the following four quotes from the article:

 – (1)  To the argument that victims were emotionally traumatized by the abuse and unable to complete an education or earn a decent income, the church maintains it is not responsible for what happened to those individuals through the course of their lives.

“Such damage was on account of existing sociological, educational, linguistic and economic factors present in New Brunswick and elsewhere at material times, which factors were not caused by the archdiocese,” the defence document says.

 – (2) The church also argued it shouldn’t have to pay because it already engaged in a conciliation process in 2012, led by retired judge Michel Bastarache and meant to compensate victims.

“The plaintiff chose not to enter that process, and cannot complain of not being provided for as a result,” the archdiocese said in its defence


– (3) “The plaintiff has entered into an illegal, inflated and unenforceable agreement of contingency with his solicitors, the result of which is to promote unreasonable litigation … and to increase costs to the archdiocese,” the church says.


 (4)  according to the article, in denying responsibility for psychological anguish the victims experienced, the diocese argued that “Such losses or damages arose from mental or physical conditions that existed prior to the assaults or were acquired … after the assaults,”

I believe it is a given that the disregard for the plight of victims of clerical exhibited above  embraced by the Archbishop of the Moncton Archdiocese, Valéry Vienneau.  It is, after all, Archbishop Vienneau who is paying these lawyers.  But are we to conclude that the archbishop, Justice Bastarache, all the “Conciliation” process staff, diocesan lawyers and all diocesan staff who have dealt with and interacted with victims over the past few years  concur with the mindset exhibited above?  And, are we to conclude that any hint of understating or sympathy expressed to victims for the long-term suffering they have endured was a ruse, – no more than a means to an end, the end being to entice them into the conciliation process and thereby, it seems, avert an “increase in costs to the archdiocese” ?

It’s amazing is it not that the diocese seems to think that victims should have had no option but to engage in the diocesan conciliation process?

This truly is disgusting.  And revealing.

Please keep the victims in your prayers.  They truly deserve better than this.

Enough for now,


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4 Responses to Victims deserve better than this from their archbishop

  1. Paul Duggan says:

    Archbishop Vinneau’s views are worthy of only the most succinct of comments, BULLCRAP!

  2. Baspuits says:

    Is Valery Vienneau saying to his staff/flock:
    I now regret hiring Michel Bastarache
    Conciliation process was a hoax
    Rapping young boys of 8 year old is and was OK
    Do not report any abusez to the authorities
    Do not question my authority
    See you in church next Sunday!

    Vienneau get your sick mind checked, you’ve got several screws loose!!!


  3. BC says:

    Real estate mogul Bishop Valery Vienneau had the money in the world for this case; he`s fundraised nearly seven million cda since 2015 to pimp up his cathedral in Moncton. And it`s gonna be a beauty when all the work is done. And that`s only the new cash Bishop Vienneau fundraised for his beloved cathedral. Unfortunately for the living stones of the Church goodwill doesn`t add any value to Bishop Vienneau`s impressive property portfolio.

  4. Baspuits says:

    Number 2
    Funny how the archbishop Valery with a y Vienneau when suing insurance, argues that the insurance paid for abuses before (see Normand Brun) and should pay now, no difference……
    But the diocese paid for abuses via the Bastarache reconciliation process, but for those who missed the bus or did not trust the so called reconciliation process (more to come on this shabby process), we are no longer obliged to pay???.
    Can you say double Standered…
    Insulting the whole community, as in the poor times of the 60s and 70s were more responsible on the victims health, should be a reason for civil suit on a trial by jury and not just in front of a judge……..

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