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Home about two hours ago.  A dirty drive – we skirted  that awful strom rolling up the Eastern seabord, and then ran into the lake effect weather in upper New York state.

It was amazing to watch the temperature plummet six degrees as we crossed into Canada.  But, all in all a good run, and hearts go out to those on the east coast who are truly suffering because of that awful noreaster (sp?).

As always it was extremely difficult to leave family behind and good to be back home.

We have a second Christmas on Sunday,  with our Ottawa family 😊

Time permitting I will get a couple of articles posted tomorrow and relay some information.  I do have a commitment in the morning, and still need to get things put away,  get washing done and so on, but I will do my absolute  best to spend a few hours getting things up to date.

Enough for now,


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