Crazy crazy day

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Well, off to the Southern States this morning for Christmas with family.  The car sleigh is packed and ready to go.  There will be 15 of us for Christmas so lots of parcels, plus goodies  🙂

There were several things I had hoped to get done yesterday, but what a miserable day it turned out to be.

First, I was trying to update the maps on our GPS.  The darn thing erased everything.  Every map was gone, and it just would not download a map again.   It kept trying, – but failure every time.  Finally I had to make a phone call.  And finally,  after about two hours – success!  The GPS is programmed and ready to go 🙂

In the midst of all the GPS business I needed to get cell phone coverage for  the States.  I usually pope online and it’s taken care of in no time.  Not yesterday!

The Bell website was having problems .  So, I tried a phone number, – and actually got a message that they were exceptionally busy, couldn’t take my call, and try calling later!!

To make a long story short, I found another number and tried again.

One hour and 45 minutes on hold!  But, mission accomplished.

Truly a crazy, crazy day.

The reality now is that everything  which I had hoped to get done on Sylvia’s Site and did not get done will have to wait until after Christmas.  We will be in an area in the States where internet access is not the best, plus I find that as the wee ones get older and curiouser they are keen to see what I am up to.  I take pains not to mar their precious innocence, so computer time when connection is working at a time when I have a quiet and private space is hard to come by .

I will moderate and keep tabs on comments.  I may post little comments or pictures from time to time but doubt that I will get any articles posted.

I ask that you hold emails to me via the site or my personal email until the New Year.

For those whose emails I have not yet answered, my apologies.  Would you please re-send them in the new year?

(I did manage to send off a quick email to Archbishop Terrence Prendergast regarding his appointment of Father Stephen Amesse as Associate Rector at St. Patrick’s Basilica in downtown Ottawa.  I could not in good conscience stay silent. )

Enough for now,



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